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Teachers Day No Longer Attracts Attention!

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Every year September 5th is celebrated as the Teacher’s day to commemorate the role of teachers in a society. It is actually observed on the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was the first Vice President of India and a highly respected teacher. Seminars and award distribution functions etc. are supposed to be organised on this special day to honour teachers with outstanding and innovative performances. On this day a student is given an opportunity to express thankfulness towards teachers. But on ground such functions practically hardly take place in present times.

The role of teachers is undoubtedly matchless- a teacher guides students to the right way of living and besides equipping those with a skill set needed to succeed in life leading them from darkness to light and from ignorance to knowledge,  the value and essence of guidance by a teacher is such that nothing in the world can equate it and by being a good teacher one surely making a great effort to see the society in its best form.

As education has now become one of the basic needs, we are indebted to our teachers who have taught us. We should salute those teachers who have taught us how to handle and grip a pencil, when we were beginners. If at present we are at any level, it is because of teachers. Looking from broader point of view, a teacher is not only one who is holding a job/ profession to teach the students formally but every such person who teaches even a single good thing is also a teacher. When it comes to the real meaning of a teacher, the profession is not a criterion actually and it is the wisdom that one acquires and puts to good use in future. So teacher is not only one who teaches within the walls of a classroom but every such person who makes one learn the ways of living is a teacher as well.

Celebration of teacher’s day brings all the teachers close to professionalism by the means of motivation and appreciation. Once teachers with good performance are appreciated, others tend to follow and pursue the same path.

So the purpose of observing teachers day is and should be to encourage the teachers to make their profession more result oriented and to make them feel happy with their job. On the teachers day those with good performance in the field of teaching are supposed to be conferred with different awards which enhance their motivation level and also motivates others to strive for Excellency. On this day students are also supposed to greet their teachers as heads of schools are expected to offer appreciation certificates to the well performing teachers.

However, the way it is being celebrated in present times is not sufficient. Excluding the big institutions like universities, colleges and some influential private institutions the day is not celebrated with full fervor. Most of the government schools including elementary and some secondary and higher secondary school don’t even celebrate the day at all. Every year school education department celebrates  various special days such as plantation day, swachhta abhiyaan etc. for which department formally issues instructions. Several activities are carried out on such special days in the schools but it is very unfortunate that no such instructions are being given to school heads on teacher’s day.

One will have to also admit that there are also no restrictions for teachers and  heads of institutions to observe teachers day in their respective schools etc. Rather if they would celebrate it at their level, they would only be applauded by higher ups. But It seems that the teachers and heads of institutions themselves have lost interest in celebrating such important events.

It is worth mentioning that the significance of teacher’s day is much beyond the praise and greetings to teachers. Real teachers have no thirst for praise. It is said, “a good deed is in itself a reward”. There is no reward as good as self motivation but once a teacher is praised for his/her good performance he/she gets recognition for hard work. At the same time a student learns the importance of a teacher.

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