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Something is conceived in fraud and delivered in deceit: FFRC

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Jammu private school under scanner…

Srinagar July 15: The Committee for Fixation & Regulation of Fee of Private Schools (FFRC) has observed that some private educational institutions, instead of upholding the ethics, are busy in amassing material gains.

“Hard earned money of the parents required to be spent on the quality education of students is being spent for leading luxurious life by those who run the schools” the FFRC has said.

The observation followed scrutiny of the records of Jammu Public Higher Secondary School, Sainik Colony, Jammu which had submitted its documents for fixation and regulation of its fee structure before the FFRCR

The FFRC found that during the academic session 2018-19 an  amount of Rs.1,21,900  was received by the Sainik Colony School on account of annual fee. Similarly Rs.11, 58,050 were collected by it on the same head in the next year.

The records prima facie show that personal expenses are being realized from school funds, the Committee said.

It detected that car Insurance by no stretch of imagination can be in lacs, which is approximating Rs 3.70 lakh. Similarly it found that the school has incurred an expenditure of  Rs 12.50 lakh on travel expenses during the three fiscals.

“Money of students prima facie has been siphoned-off from School Corpus and utilized for personal gains”, the Committee said.

The details according to it show that something is conceived in fraud and delivered in deceit.

Observing that the value system has undergone a sea-change the chairman of the FFRC said “instead of attaining moral and intellectual heights, some amongst us labour hard to attain material benefits. In the present day times, we see less human beings and more commercial beings and consumer beings”.

He further observed “the people who set-up educational institutions do so to render sacred duty to humanity. Unfortunately, few people in pursuit of the insatiable greed to have material benefits play havoc with the moral values”.

The Fee Fixation Committee asked the principal and the chairperson of the school to explain their conduct and granted them two months time to explain and show-cause why action in accordance with law be not taken against them.

Till further orders, the school management has been directed not to charge and collect annual fee or any other kind of fee other than tuition fee from the students.

The Audit Reports of the school for financial years 2018, 2019 and 2020:

  1. Car expenses Rs 86,786/-   Rs.1, 08,170/- Rs.1, 18,987/-
  2. Car insurance Rs 1,35,441/-Rs.1,17,232/- Rs.1, 17,232/-
  3. Conveyance Rs 3,25,870/-Rs.3,50,870/-  Rs. 3, 43,853/-
  4. Interest on car loan Rs.9, 748/- Rs.56, 881/-     Rs. 58,912/-
  5. Travel expenses Rs.3,50,220/-Rs.4,36,514/-   Rs. 4, 62,705/-

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