Hopes amidst despair- World grapples Covid19 Pandemic!

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By: Gh Hassan Bhat

Believed to have originated from a small city of Wuhan China in 2019, Covid19 engulfed the entire world in its clutches cutting across all barriers of borders to reach every country and continent. It is unprecedented and the virus has infected millions and killed thousands and lakhs of people across the globe in a quick span of two years. It is estimated that around 38 lakh people have died of this virus and in India around 3.5 lakh people also lost their lives so far.

Apart from the fact that the virus has virtually brought life to a standstill and robbed us from several human lives besides infecting millions, the pandemic pushed the world into an extreme economic crisis and triggered desperation and despair for millions of people- particularly those belonging to the middle and lower middle class. The financial complications are pushing lakhs of people to a margins and a state of starvation given  the fact that work opportunities have been reduced and many companied wither winded up their ventures or cut-short their employees.

This pandemic became a global crisis when even the most developed nations couldn’t do much in view of the death and sickness spread in quick time and the heath sectors were not in any position to handle the situation. It induced an overflow of patients and the healthcare system couldn’t manage the crisis and was exhausted in quick time seek respective governments to make greater arrangements. Even the post industrial countries were seen as helpless victims and in USA alone, about 6 lakh deaths were reported. In countries with poor healthcare systems, people died not only because of Covid19 but also because of the lack of space in hospitals and health centers.

The pandemic, apart from halting other sectors, also ruined education system worldwide leading to a total closure of schools, colleges and universities. Approx 830 millions learners are out of school or affected directly. Though efforts are being made for e-education but this too has its fallouts for those living on the margins.  Having no access to technology and other smart e-class equipments, these poor students are going through the phase of psychological pressure. This scenario has left millions of children out of this online learning process.

Even if the lockdown induced by the pandemic did some good to the environment by lower the air pollution but the amount of medical waste produced during this period, and continues to be produced, will have bad impacts on the overall health of our planet.

The pandemic also increased the rate of unemployment, child labour, poverty and starvation. In a country like India where the population is huge and opportunities are limited, one can understand the devastating impacts the pandemic has left on the overall economics. More and more people are pushed to the margins and continued lockdown is further aggravating the issue.


The think tanks and policy makers should come up with strategies and coordinated action plan to curb and control this disease and while framing any policy priority should be given to impoverished section to lift them and come to their rescue. It is time to frame a comprehensive policy for their protection and welfare and more investment should be made on health care.

The writer is Teacher and Resource Person Tangmarg Baramulla Kmr. [email protected]


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