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‘Swarnim Vijay Varsh’ celebrations held at Wuzur Garrison

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Srinagar: The ‘Swarnim Vijay Varsh Victory Mashaal’, symbolic of India’s 1971 War Victory over Pakistan reached Kashmir valley on 15 June 2021, said a defence spokesperson.

“It was given a grand reception at Wuzur to commemorate 50 Years of India’s victory over Pakistan in the epic war of 1971. On 16 December 2020, Shri Narendra Modi, Honorable Prime Minister, lighted the ‘Swarnim Vijay Mashaal’ from the hallowed and the eternal flame of National War Memorial that marked the commencement of this Golden Jubilee Year,” the spokesperson said.

“Four such Mashaals are travelling in the four cardinal directions, reaching the remotest corners of the nation to include villages of our valiant and intrepid warriors who participated in the war. One of these Mashaals entered Kashmir valley today and was received by Commander 2 Sector Rashtriya Rifles at the northern portal of the tunnel. The presence of three ESM and one Veer Nari of 1971 War along with 10 Veer Naris and 36 ESMs during the event made it all the more memorable. Carrying of the Mashaal by these esteemed guests during the event acknowledged their sacrifice and contribution to the eternally grateful nation,” he said.

The spokesperson further said: “School children from Wuzur and Behibagh, dressed in saffron, white and green attires symbolizing our national flag, marched to the beat of military band playing martial tunes. The NCC cadets in attendance drew inspiration from the ceremony, further strengthening their resolve to join the Armed Forces and serve their motherland.”

“The grand reception of the Mashaal was followed by a solemn ceremony held at Wuzur Garrison to pay homage to the fallen heroes of that war and to remember the sacrifice they made in honour of their beloved motherland. The ceremony concluded with the felicitation of the War Veterans and Veer Naris as a mark of respect for the sacrifices they made and personifying courage and resilience,” the spokesperson said.

“The event was also attended by prominent civil dignitaries to include Dr Bilal Mohd-ud-din Bhat, DC Kulgam and other senior military officers. Speaking to the media persons present, Commander 2 Sector Rashtriya Rifles expressed his gratitude to all the War veterans, Veer Naris and Ex Service Men who made this event possible by their benign presence. He said that the Indian Army continues to move forward with its ethos of Honour, Valour and Warrior code and is always prepared and ready to defend the nation,” he added.

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