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Srinagar Mayor, over 60 corporators demand removal of SMC Jt. Comr

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Srinagarimaima: Srinagar Mayor Junaid Azim Mattu along with over 60 corporators on Thursday launched a hunger strike here seeking the removal of a “corrupt” official of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC).

Mattu and the 61 corporators of the SMC alleged that Joint Commissioner, Planning, Ghulam Hassan Mir was issuing building permissions only to the rich and not the genuine poor applicants.

They began their strike near the office of the city’s municipal corporation.

Mattu said the officer was “corrupt and inefficient” and demanded his immediate removal.

“We, the 62 corporators of the SMC, have sent a resolution to the government that we have relieved Joint Commissioner, Planning, Ghulam Hassan Mir from his duty. For the past one year, he has not issued building permissions to genuine poor applicants,” Mattu told reporters.

“It is ironic that he is heading the task force on illegal constructions when the reality is that the illegal constructions in the city are happening because of him. He is thoroughly corrupt,” he added.

Mattu said the decision to go on a strike was taken “for the welfare of the people” of the city.

“We are on strike for the people of the city and we will continue it till he is not relieved. This protest is not for us but for the people of the city,” he said. (With PTI inputs)

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