With Boards postponed! How students can handle anxiety related to it?

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By: Ankit Kapoor

With no doubt, the routine of every individual has undergone a 360 degree change as the current situation of the ongoing pandemic has left us amidst a continuous dilemma. After battling the COVID scenario for a year now, our Nation as a whole is certainly equipped much better to tackle this scenario.

While the last year was full of surprises providing a lot of perspectives about 2021, which, now after the second wave is rather a more of a shocker. With major disturbance seen in the academic calendar for the students, and the recent announcements to shift the board exams schedule has surely left many students in a very anxious situation. Being apprehensive about their future, such tough times definitely build up pressure on many students and thus there is a dire need for motivation and stress management to help the students overcome.

Despite thinking of the time lost, students need to reinvent and mould their thought process to emerge victoriously. Certain changes are anticipated in the current education system of India, which are expected to point towards the importance of aptitude building. Therefore, each and every student must maintain a positive outlook towards an adverse scenario by following these certain expert opinions including scheduling your day and follow a routine – it is absolutely important to follow a set of routine as this allows students to learn the need for a schedule. This will also allow one to believe that the things will very soon become better and be able to take the exams.

Students to nurture their mind by developing the habit of reading as this will not only help in expanding the horizons of the thought process but in addition will also benefit in preparing for the entrance exams as well. Since many entrance exams tests on general awareness and reading comprehension, therefore utilizing the time for reading newspapers, magazines, novels and books will be a double booster.

Time Management is also very important – effective utilisation of Time is very important in adverse times like the current one. Since time is the biggest healer and should be divided in such a way that one is able to study and utilise it for some extra-curricular activities also.

One has to be pragmatic and open to new Avenues. With the onset of various new courses by various colleges have brought a ray of hope and positivity. CUCET, a recently introduced entrance test for admissions to various central universities has allowed students to focus more on aptitude-based entrance preparation.

Amid the pandemic, mental health is equally important as physical health and should not be neglected. It’s high time now that we start focusing on our mental health and getting ourselves enrolled in activities that could keep us away from distractions and negative environment. These being testing times; it is important for one to realize that all are sailing in the same boat and by keeping a positive outlook will only cater us to the finish line. The expert faculty and management at Pratham Test prep has always been in alignment with the changing needs of the students and situation. The pioneers of providing quality education for entrances has taken various initiatives from time to time and making a smooth shift towards online mode of coaching from offline classes during last year’s lockdown, had assisted many students in their journey maintain a positive outlook till the very end, and is already prepared to do the same this year as well.

The writer is Director – Pratham Test Prep

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