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Business leaders to seek LG admin’s, union govt’s intervention to recover losses incurred by businesses, industries in J&K

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Srinagar: In a meeting held in Srinagar, the business leaders from all sectors agreed to seek the intervention of the LG administration as well as the union government to ensure a proper initiative is taken for businesses and industries in J&K, which have suffered huge losses due to the three consecutive lockdowns since August 2019.

According to the statement issued by the amalgam of business leaders, the representative of as many as 35 associations related to business and industry attended the meeting. “It was agreed by one and all those businesses in J&K need relief and revival financial packages immediately to keep the wheel of the overall economy in the UT moving.”

“The present scenario in terms of losses and showdowns of business units and establishments were thoroughly discussed in the meeting in which stakeholders shared facts about the ground situation. They said that the pandemic has created havoc on all kinds of businesses in J&K. Even many of the business and industrial units are closed down causing loss to the livelihoods of the concerned people,” reads the statement.

“In the three-hour-long meeting, it was unanimously agreed upon that the smashed businesses and industrial units in the J&K cannot be rejuvenated unless a comprehensive business revival package is provided by the union government. While sharing inputs, the participants said that all businesses, whether of a roadside vendor or a leading industrialist is on the verge of destruction due to the situations caused by political reasons and the pandemic. Hence, it was decided that the matter would be taken up with the relevant authorities in New Delhi and as well in J&K authorities. However, the participants suggested that a holistic report based on ground assessment should be prepared before moving on to any proposal to the government. The meeting was followed by a press conference addressed by Sheikh Aashiq, President KCCI; Muhammad Yasin Khan, President KTMF, and Mushtaq Chaya, chairman hotelier club,” the statement said.

“On behalf of the business community of Jammu and Kashmir, they expressed their strong resolution to fight for the revival of businesses of the Jammu and Kashmir region. They informed the media that in the meeting it was unanimously agreed upon joint efforts would be made to ensure justice to one and all affiliated with the business community of J&K. They said since life and livelihood of the people are equally important, efforts need to be made to safeguard the both. They assured that no stone would be left unturned to ensure shattered businesses are revived here. They emphasized unity at this time of crisis saying that all stakeholders needed to shed their egos for the sake of the welfare of the whole community and society. The trade leaders further said that a holistic assessment report would be prepared soon. They said businesses in Jammu and Kashmir require both, the revival and relief package on a priority basis as their survival is at stake. They said everyone in the meeting emphasized an immediate relief to the weaker section and the daily earners who are starving after having lost their livelihood completely due to the ongoing pandemic,” it said.

The statement further said: “Sheikh Aashiq told reporters that since UT of J&K is directly under the control of the union government, therefore it is the responsibility of the canter to ensure the threat to the businesses and industries in Jammu and Kashmir is tackled with a comprehensive revival package. Mushtaq Chaya said that a bailout package from the government is imperative at these times of crisis. Haji Muhammad Yasin Khan said that many people with lost business on the verge of starvation. These people urgently require relief from the government. He said that since all the business associations have got united to tackle the challenges caused by the pandemic, we will chalk out a strategy to ensure that the revival is properly done.”

“Among those who attended the meeting were Sheikh Aashiq, Chairman KCCI; GN Var, President Private School Associations’ (J&K); Shahid Kamli, President of Federation Chamber of Industries Kashmir (FCIK); Ovees Qadir Jamie, General Secretary FCIK; Abdul Majeed, President KHBOA; Muhammad Muzamil, KIRDF; Parvez Ahmad Bhat, JKARF; Hilal Turki, Chairman LoC trade; Sami Ullah Bhat, Vice president LoC trade; Muhammad Younis, General Secretary All Kashmir Tourist Taxi Transport Welfare Federation; Shaikh Chowdray, Fruit Association Srinagar & All Valley Fruit Growers Association; M. Showket Chowdray, President JKHARA; Rouf A. Tramboo, President ATOAK; Mir Anwar, TASK; Farooq Kuthoo. TAAK; Shamim Shah, JKTA; Showat Pakhtoon, JK PILTOF; Muhammad Akram, TTIG; Jan Muhammad, UTTA; Mushtaq Reshi, DTOAK; Hilal Wangnoo, TAFOK; Zahoor Qari, TAAI, JKC; Nasir Shah, IATO. JKC; Ather Yameen, ADTOI. JKC; Zahoor Qari, Kashmir Courier & Cargo Association; Muzammil Reshi, Aquatic Tour and Traders association; Iqbal Tramboo, Kashmir Economic alliance; M. Yasin Khan, KTMF; Muhammad Ashraf Mir, Industrialist; Sheikh Feroz Ahmad, President JKAHUC, RAK; Mushtaq Chaya, Hotaliar; Baldev Singh Raina;  Fayaz Ahmad Azad, JKCMA; Matt Shabir Ahmad, Chairman All Kashmir transporters welfare association,” it added.

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