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We deserve a Community of creative’s’, we deserve WissenMonk!

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In these times of mayhem and distress, everyone wants to find some amount of peace and tranquillity in doing things that seem to be of some help in this regard and most of the attempts go in vain as we aren’t able to pay full attention to the activity or so. Be it through reading, writing, listening to music, photography, anything will do at this moment of great physical disconnect. People are confined and relationships have taken a new turn with people greeting families on Zoom and meeting up online.

At this point in history, world continues to struggle with COVID emergency and seems to have no answer to this unforeseen pandemic which is throwing everything, every norm in the air and ravaging human life at an alarming pace. But the will to survive and to win over the virus hasn’t vanished and people continue to celebrate whatever little occasion they get and continue to invest into good gestures for each other.

At this time, most of us make plans and most abandon them due to lack of motivation and will. And rightly so! The situation will do that to anyone. So, it is necessary to have a strong support system. This is what WissenMonk provides to all writers and artists.

WissenMonk began with a vision. Not an ordinary one though. It aims to create a safe place for society’s outcasts, metaphorically speaking! Thus, it invests in building an online community of writers and poets from all around the globe, stringing them together and forming a network. And to connect its far yet close members with the thread of unity, it publishes a monthly magazine – Wisdom Quest.

Wisdom Quest caters to each aspect of our global society. It respects boundaries yet strives to overcome unnatural lines that divide. Every month’s theme brings in new perspectives of the world, from the world itself. And to indulge in such ephemeral reading is worth the while.

Some of the community members of WissenMonk sharetheir experiences and, in doing so, make everyone realize how important real relations are in this world of virtual materialism. And how now, of all times, we need to be there for each other.


We all want a platform which can help us grow and make us feel true to ourselves. For me, it is WissenMonk. It acted as a direction for my words. When I first found out about its magazine, WisdomQuest, I was really happy to finally have a platform through which I could tell people about myself and my journey. Then when I got to know more about WissenMonk as a community, I was elated. I felt people were getting to know me through my words, not my appearance or status. It was surreal. Everyone in WissenMonk is amazing. They make me feel motivated and with each passing day, I feel like I can do something new. I believe this is one of the best things that happened to me in 2021. I’m really thankful to WissenMonk and WisdomQuest for providing, writers like me, a platform where we can find ourselves and are free to express our musings.


Are you still scribbling yourself doubts? Or tired of voices in your head murmuring whether or not you are good at writing? Yes? Then WissenMonk is your best companion on this rough road.

You might be a freelancer, blogger, fiction, non-fiction writer or somewhere in between. In this solo endeavour, WissenMonk, an emerging community of writers provides you a multilingual home to shelter your words.It lets you craft your own world where only words are recognized. It makes sure those who don’t usually read much embraceyou through what you write.

Through that midnight wrestle of crafting stories or the wait for your writers block to end, this group would help you hone your skills by providing a random prompt. You can swap your ideas, use words of encouragement, or explore other ways. Yes, you don’t need to be too wise to be a part of this community. Just let your words flow freely. You can turn into a beta reader someday. Just join the clan. WissenMonk is the home for your hovering thoughts.


WissenMonk – the name itself is intriguing and a total eye catcher. Diving deep, I came to know that ‘Wissen’ is a German word for ‘knowledge’. Truly a masterpiece! I am fortunate to be a part of this community. It gave me a platform to bring forth my work in a public space. In a nutshell, WissenMonk is a publishing and blogging community, and a great place to start your poetry journey. It publishes a monthly e-magazine called, WisdomQuest, which is a sincere contribution and a boon for our society. It’s an amalgamation of innovative themes catering to public interest.


WissenMonk has always been a fresh breath of air in my otherwise mundane existence right now. The passion with which the community thrives brings a sense of joy. And its monthly, Wisdom Quest, has been brilliant ever since its inception. It has constantly provided me with new perspectives and has expanded my outlook over time.


Before now, I was just an ordinary writer who enjoyed composing poems about different things. That was until WissenMonk came into my life and I become a member of this community. I was surprised but very excited, and I must say, it’s been a wonderful journey since then. I have had the opportunity to be guided by other writers and their work. I am learning and improving everyday.

Wisdom Quest is a monthly publication by WissenMonk. It is safe to say that every month Wisdom Quest promotes a writer’s hard work with the intention of helping them gain fame in the world at large.I am entirely grateful to Bhargab Bharali, the founder of WissenMonk, and Adeela Hameed, the Editor of Wisdom Quest (the author of this write-up), for is only with their sincere efforts that we are where we are in the writing world. I feel blessed.

Every member expressed their innermost stories, their vision and aim, journey and struggle. One can only hope that people find encouragement in these words.

WissenMonk, time and again, invites writers to pen down stories, poems, or showcase art to every other artist out there. With new editions of Wisdom Quest releasing every month, all writers have an equal opportunity to write, scribble, or just jot down vagrant emotions. This journey of unity amid diversity is what makes every story wonderful.

Upon going through the website, we can find Wisdom Quest’s April edition that focuses on ‘World After the Pandemic’. With new and old issues available all round the year, WissenMonkmaintains that a reader will never feel lonely or bored in these times of quarantine.




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