Notes on the occasion of Mother’s Day

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By: Sufaya yousf

‘Mom’ or ‘Mother’ is the sweetest word in the world that one comes across. The word does indicate some portion of the unconditional love and admiration that a mother holds for her children but to explain the undeterred, incalculable, immeasurable and immense love of a mother is next to impossible. Here is this person who can make any sacrifice, take up any struggle, go to any extent to stand for her children no matter how good or bad the children might be behaving with her.

9th May is celebrated as “Mother’s Day” globally and it was 1st celebrated in 1908 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church Grafton, West Virginia. Mother’s Day is celebrated in order to honour a mother’s role in our lives. It is only a mother who can sacrifice her life for her children and love us unconditionally- no one else can do this or atleat do this much. She is the real fighter, a real warrior who stands with her children in thick and thin and no matter what the situation may be, she is undeterred in her love, commitment and care for the children.

Mostly honored more than father or any other relationship, the mother is always plays the most significant role in the family affairs as well as in society. She is the very anchor, the bedrock, and the foundation of the family and given her role and here selfless love and her nobility, even if each day of the year is attributed to her memory, it won’t be enough. Such is the greatness of mother.

To remind the world of the role and significance of mothers, we celebrate the day and honour the mothers and to thank them for everything they have done bringing us up from nearly nothing to men and women.

It is the mother who is actually the first teacher of every child and her lap being the first school. Slowly and gradually, a child comes to realize that she withholds a universe within and all the qualities are present in her, a teacher, friend, mate and much more. She becomes the support net, the soft cozy corner for refuge, the tender and caring gaze that is always around to ensure that we are alright.

On this day we salute the power, patience, faith and qualities of a selfless person who is the curator of every great personality and every great mind.

Mom is the most sacred word in the world, because she sacrifices her existence only to raise her children’s. She is the most beautiful soul on earth, because she is the reason of our smile. There are thousands of things, thousands of sacrifices which she did only for us. And she never complains for anything even she hides her pain just to make her children’s happy. Mother is the true angel of life. She courageously defended her children’s even when she knows that they are wrong.

When a child is disappointed in his life, the only one person believes in him and that is the mother. She stands with her children in thick and thin and even if the entire world is discouraging, she believes in her children and stand with them.

Mother’s love is so unique and so very rare and there cannot be a better gift than a mother to a child. Her heart is so clean, beautiful and strong. The love that a mother has for us is very rare and unconditional and she can fight the whole world only for her children.

The writer is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree at Srinagar.

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