Use ‘Talbeena’ for strength this Ramadan

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By: Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon

When any member of the family of the Prophet (Pbuh ) fell ill, it was ordered that a ‘Talbeena'(barley) be prepared for the ailing as it removes grief from the heart of a sick person and removes his weakness as if one of you washes his face with water and removes dirt from the cross- Ibn Majah

The Prophet (Pbuh ) said to Jibraeel : Jibraeel , I am tired. Jibraeel replied: O Messenger of Allah! Use ‘Talbeena’. Today’s modern scientific research has proven that it contains 10 times more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach besides several vitamins.

Talbeena is also recommended for anxiety and fatigue. The Prophet (Pbuh) used to say that it is a cure for all the ailments of the patient’s heart and removes grief from the heart- as reported in Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nisai, Musnand Ahmad

When someone complained to the Prophet (Pbuh) about lack of appetite, you would order him to eat Talbeena and say that by the grace of Allah in whose hand is the soul, Talbeena removes the filth from stomachs as one of you washes his face with water.

The Holy Prophet did not like anything better than Talbeena for the patient. This included the benefits of barley as well as the benefits of honey. It is a great thing not only for patients but also for healthy people as it is a great food as well as a unique tonic for all ailments.

It is prepared by putting Talbeena in the milk first and let it soak for about forty-five minutes and make it into pudding. One may add honey in this pudding if desired and also add a date or two. The mixture is a perfect Talbeena.

Remember to boil milk and later add the material prepared. It is to be cooked on low heat for 5 minutes and one has to keep stirring. If it is melted and mixed in milk, then add dates. If it tastes less sweet, add a little honey. Take it off the stove and let it cool after which almonds and pistachios can be sprinkled on it.

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