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Homeopathic Medicines are natural, environment friendly with no side-effects

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By: Muneer Shamee

World Homeopathy Day is celebrated on April 10th of each year in the memory of German Physician- Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann- the founder of Homeopathy. The treatment of Homeopathy was introduced in 19th century by Hahnemann’s extensive work on Malaria. The day is celebrated to pay tribute to Homeopathy and its contribution to the world of medicine.

Compared to the modern medicinal system that has a history of side effects and allergies this system of medicine is mild, very natural and without much chances of side effects or allergies. The world has come to realize that the modern medicine has more adverse effects of our mind and body and each formula invites a fresh research to fetch another type of medicine to undo the bad effects of the primary drug.

Homeopathy is considered to be the safest treatment as it has a formula of ‘safe dose’ and comes in extremely diluted quantities with fewer side effects. More than 200 million people around the world are consuming Homeopathy medicine and rely on its treatment for the reason that this system of medication is natural, friendly to environment and has little side effects.

Only next to the modern scientific medicinal system in terms of its fame and utility as well as usage, homeopathy and is widely used all over the world as an alternative system of medicine having its origin in western countries. But given the success rate of this type of medication, today homeopathic medicine are used consistently all over the world and is widely used in the treatment of allergy, eczema, asthma and migraine.

Before homeopathic treatment, the whole history of patients is ascertained diagnostically, physically, mentally and emotionally and then the medicine is prescribed with utmost care and attention. A patient is diagnosed minutely and doses of the medicine are composed of a measured amount of natural medicine to suit the patient and to act precisely as well as accurately.

People who study various systems of medicine across the globe have come to admit the numerous benefits of the use of homeopathy and term it to be the safest system of medicine. Firstly, it is safe with little side-effects in comparison with other medicinal systems. We already know that side-effects are a part of modern medicine due to which hundreds and thousands die each year. But in homeopathy, there are less chemical reaction and it also boosts our immune system consequently and also this system of medicine doesn’t impact on our immune system in an adverse way.

Homeopathy medicine are made from trees leave or root and other herbs and shrubs and is brought into use in little proportion to suit all types of patients- young and old- therefore ensuring that it has no or less side effects. It is the composition and proportionate usage of it that makes homeopathy suitable for all age groups and all types of people.

For Acute and Chronic diseases, homeopathic medicine has a better module that is highly effective and diseases like cough, fever, Asthma or even Tuberculosis can be treated by this system. Homeopathic medicines are generally sweet, easy to swallow, cheaper in comparison to the other medicine and most importantly have very little or no side effects.

Although there are instances were homeopathic system of medicine still needs a lot of development and a lot of research, but generally this system is the best available option. For instances, in the cases of traumas, accidents, fractures etc, homeopathy has far more to work out compared to the modern medical system.










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