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Stop rhetoric; focus on development, employment generation: Rana tells BJP

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KISHANPUR MANWAL: National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana today asked BJP to stop ‘rhetoric’ and focus on development and employment in ‘marginalized’ Jammu and Kashmir.

In a press release issued here, Rana said “BJP is creating a lot of euphoria by raising noise over non-issues instead of addressing the accumulated problems of the people.” Rana was addressing the party workers at Kishanpur in Nagrota Assembly Constituency.

The press release further siad that the event was also marked by joining of prominent citizens and political activists including Charan Dass, Ex Chairman, Chain Singh, Gopal Singh, Durga Dass, Roshan Lal, Tara Chand, Vijay, Rumal Singh, Vijay Sharma, Harikrishan, Satpal, Parveen Sharma and others into the National Conference in presence of Councillor DDC Dansal Shameem Begum, BDC Dansal Reena Thappa, BDC Nagrota Ch Rehmat .

The Provincial President said that emotive slogans had retarded the growth of Jammu and Kashmir during the past six years, increased unemployment and paralysed economy. “Jammu has suffered the most as BJP took people for-granted and did virtually nothing instead of making fast promises. And, the height is that instead of apologising to the people for their failures on all fronts, the BJP leaders are brazenly testing their patience by again indulging in rhetoric,” Rana said adding that “if they (BJP) would have bothered to feel the pulse of the public sensitivity, they would have known where they stand. The wrath and the anger of the Jammu people has already given a big jolt to the BJP in the recent District Development Council elections and they are feeling earth under their feet shaking.”.

Rana also lauded the resilience of the people in braving odds on development and economic fronts during the past six years and said their resolute fight democratically will greatly change the scenario. The process has already begun in the recent elections and the day is not far when people will triumph at the strength of their votes and have a dispensation, which fulfils their urges and aspirations. The period of despondency will definitely be taken over by hope and promise of better tomorrow, he maintained.

“Till then, it is incumbent upon the administration to speed up development, which has been in silent mode for the past six years and take measures to fill up the vacancies on fast track basis so that educated unemployed find some sort of succour”, Rana said, hoping that the administration will also ensure completion of various mega projects in the Jammu region that have already crossed several deadlines.

The Provincial President welcomed the new entrants, saying that the National Conference is a natural destination for all those desirous of serving the people. With a track record of development and public service, the party stands guarantee to peace progress and prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir.

Rana hoped that with their joining, the National Conference will be further strengthened at the grass roots level.

Prominent those present included Sarpanch Kathar Lower Kanta Devi, Kuldeep Kumar (Sukha), Kishori Lal Ashok Singh (Gulail), Narinder Singh, Jagdev Singh, Puran Singh, Sandeep Gupta, Mahesh Gupta, Ex Sarpanch Mohd Sadiq, Angrez Singh, Pritam Singh, Mohan Singh, Mohan Lal Sharma and others.

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