Ayushman – Blessed with Long Life

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By: Gh. Hassan Bhat

This is in response to the inauguration of the Ayushman Bharat, a name most of the people are still unfamiliar with. It is actually a medical insurance healthcare scheme formally launched in 2018 in the country and in J and K on 26th of December 2020 by Prime Minster of India. While going through the contents of this scheme, I found obligatory to write something about the scheme.

Generally when downtrodden, poor and destitute fall victim to a dreadful diseases unexpectedly, upsetting their life and disrupting all the future aspects, profound sadness, despair and grief, feeling hopeless and powerless all becomes part of life.  They may be visited by the people, frequently asked about the status of their health but hardly anyone comes forward to understand and appreciate their helplessness and help any assistance.

We all have seen people tossing on death beds with no one tending to them during these calamities. We have also seen some vulnerable people becoming beggars and surviving on alms. We see handicapped, casual labors, landless workers, families with no male members and other impoverished individuals suffering from various diseases having no one to look towards except the Almighty.

Aushman Bharat also known as Arogya Yojna (PMJAY) is a scheme that aims to help these economically downtrodden families in need of their healthcare facilities.  These poor and lower income people shall get a cover of 5 lakhs per family both in rural and urban areas.  I was ecstatic to see Gh. Mohd, a shopkeeper of Srinagar talking to PM on video conferencing who had a severe heart problem and had to undergone a surgery which became possible only due to availability of this Golden Card or this scheme.

No doubt this scheme has been rolled out but people are still oblivious about this facility. Government should carry out seminars, rallies, debates and other programmes at large scale for gross root public outreach. These are the schemes people are waiting for, because when life is on stake, future is on stake. Life is a blessing and we have a right to live it happily. Every life is important and we all should make people aware about these schemes to avail at least for those who deserve it.  This would be our indelible role to play. Be ambassadors of good things so that we may be able to save hundreds of lives and will be rewarded here and hereafter.

  • The writer is a Teacher, Resource Person Edu. Dept Zone Tangmarg and can be reached at [email protected]

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