New Year, New Hopes

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The year 2020 has come to an end – a year that would remain etched in human memory for ages to come. The year that saw Covid-19 spreading like hell fire all over killing people with no mercy. The year that changed the overall lifestyle of humans. The year that changed the very nature of human relations. It impacted entire human populace of the world economically, socially, emotionally and psychologically. Humans live in societies, they follow certain societal norms and thus are called social animals. However, in 2020, they were forced maintain social distancing thus there remained nothing social, just the animal. Economies have collapsed, people have lost jobs, children have lost access to schools and everything has turned topsy-turvy. One couldn’t hug ones loved ones; one couldn’t shake hands with friends; one couldn’t join the weddings and other celebrations his/her own people and; even one couldn’t join the families and friends in their mornings. The whole year was a year of scare and fear, depression and desperation. While bidding adieu to this year of bitter memories, the humankind is welcoming the new year with new hopes and aspirations. Humans have overcome many pandemics, natural and man-made disasters in past history. They will surely overcome this one too.

That said, all the people, particularly the governments of the world, need to pause for a moment and do a bit of introspection. What has the spread of Covid-19 taught to the world? A very simple lesson and that is no matter how much progress humans claim to have made, nature has the capability to bring the entire world on knees whenever she wills so. This should be an eye opener for all world leaders. We may have landed on moon but we have failed to ensure a vibrant and healthy health sector that could benefit all. The countries are spending billions and trillions on their defence budgets but when it comes to health sector or spending on scientific research, they cut a sorry. Today several world powers are armed with nuclear weaponry but hadn’t even a small pill to cure the disease or a few milligram vaccine to keep their people safe.

One hopes that the world leaders have learnt some lessons and would henceforth put health sector and scientific research on their priority lists. Playing politics over the pandemic or spreading conspiracy theories are not going to help. They will only complicate the situation and thus facilitate Covid-19 to spread its reach further. When it comes to scientific research and health related issues, the world leaders have to come together and fight the crisis jointly instead of playing the dirty politics of raising fingers towards each other.

While hoping that 2021 will come with some good news and humans would be able to defeat the deadly virus, people have to do their bit very seriously. 2020 is over not Covid-19. This virus is deadly, you lower your guard and here it is making your all body organs to collapse. People have to have hope, as hope sustains life, but at the same time they should not lower their guard. They should follow all Covid-19 related protocols religiously. Religious leaders, teachers, parents and civil society members have a great responsibility. They have to make people aware about the spread of the virus and make them follow the SOPs. Wearing mask should not be seen as a compulsion but a noble duty to save your own lives and the lives of those you care for. Maintaining social distance is not something to feel shy about, it is a necessity to halt the spread of coronavirus. While hoping that 2021 will heal all the economical, emotional, social and psychological wounds, let us all be Covid-19 warriors and defeat it and stop its spread by adhering to all precautionary measures.

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