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BJP, its Team-B up to dangerous experiments in Kashmir: NC

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“Promises on development a fig leaf to hide their real agenda, normalize blunder committed on 5th August 2019”

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday said BJP and its Team-B does not stand a chance in the ongoing DDC elections, saying the people are all set to unpack hegemony of forces inimical to the unique identity of J&K.

Party’s General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar and Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani today addressed people during a show while canvassing for PAGD candidates in District Ganderbal. They were accompanied by Party District President and Former MLA Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar and various other district functionaries. On their campaign trail the Party leaders made various stopovers at various places including Badampora, Kurhama, Barsoo, Zazna, Waskura, Batwina, Guzhama, Batapora, Shalihar, Narayan Bagh, Dab, a party spokesman said.

The duo along with other party functionaries interacted with the people while making brief stopovers at various other places along their campaign trail and urged the people to support Dr. Farooq Abdullah Led PAGD in the ongoing DDC elections. “Ever since BJP has come to power it has been busy in unpacking the very idea of India, disempowering, dismembering a sole Muslim majority state in India is high on their priority list. The BJP and its Team-B in J&K are hand in glove with each other contriving hard to achieve that end. Their only agenda is to grab the Democratic spaces and use it for continuation of their assault on the identity of the people of J&K. Now the same BJP, through its Team B of plaint stooges is further trying to make inroads into our social life leaving no chance to dismember us completely,” Sagar said.

“The promises of development which they are selling to you are a fig leaf to hide their real agenda. They have been in power since 2015 and nothing substantial was done by them in terms of developing Kashmir,” he said.

“BJP’s team B is an artificial lab made formulation which like its prototypes cannot withstand the test of democracy. Being on the right side of the line cannot help them in the long run; he said adding that the newly surfaced political group is brimming with armchair politicians devoid of any ideology and public support,” said Nasir Aslam Wani.

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