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BJP diverting attention from real issues: Congress

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Jammu: Congress has decried attempts by the ruling BJP to divert the attention of the voters from the real issues of its utter failures on various fronts and broken promises of providing employment, safeguarding rights to jobs and land to the locals and restoration of statehood, depriving  youth, students  and business community of 4G services and anti-farmers & anti-people  decisions and anti youth decisions of toll plazas and disbanding self help groups of engineers.

Addressing press conference here today, JK PCC Chief Spokesperson along with Former Minister and Vice President PCC Raman Bhalla launched a frontal attack on the BJP for running away from basic issues of the people and betrayal of mandate of Jammu, by emotional blackmailing on issues of Gupkar and Pakistan instead of discussing failures of providing 50 thousand jobs in three months in August 2019, depriving youth and businessmen of 4G services for over 1 year and 4 months, safeguarding rights to lands and jobs for locals and restoration of statehood. Instead BJP top leaders are indulging in vilification campaign against opponents ignoring the fundamental fact that participation of all mainstream forces is a direct answer to Pakistan and the culture of gun, inspite of their dissenting views on the decisions and the policies of BJP. Such utterances of the top ruling party leaders are highly irresponsible and creates hatred and disunity in the society.

Challenging BJP to seek votes on its performance and arbitrary decisions in J&K especially its delivery on various promises to the electorates in Jammu region, Senior Congress leaders said that people would not get hoodwinked by the false and fake promises and lollypops of the ruling party regarding jobs security and land protection. The BJP Govt. opened doors of employment for outsiders and put the land of J&K on sale, while the bonafide occupants and farmers since decades of small portions of state lands would be deprived against the rights vested in them by existing laws, to the benefit of outsiders and others. The lacs of people in villages who are in use & occupation of small portions of  state land including landless people are being harassed unnecessarily, while the  state laws earlier provided ownership rights after 60 year of continuous possession whereas the present central law extended to J&K provides vesting of ownership after 30 year but those eligible under such provisions too, would be deprived of their rights by the ongoing drive, just because they were given rights  under a legislation in due process of law. However, those who have  availed any undue  benefit should  be booked  under law irrespective of positions or political affiliations, while questioning why the allegations of land deals against some senior leaders of ruling party were never probed .

Senior Congress leaders questioned BJP for its continued alliance with parties of Gupkar declaration in the Kargil Hill Council and said that BJP leaders are emotionally exploiting voters in Jammu for electoral gains by raking up such issues against then present allies in Kargil, which speaks of the BJP’s politics of deception and falsehood. Congress has never compromised on its principles and philosophy or on the question of unity, integrity and honour  of nation but  tolerating bonafide dissent, is strength of our vibrant democracy while rejecting any utterances against hurting patriotic sentiments.

They also appealed to the people to reject the parties and candidates who are out to divide the voters to the advantage of BJP and regretted that certain those parties who are  opposing the policies of BJP, in public, are also intentionally or unintentionally helping BJP by fielding candidates who cannot win but weaken the secular parties and their candidates. They shall stand exposed for their duplicity once the breakup of results is out and would find it difficult to face the people.

The Congress party is contesting the local election to third tier of panchayats on local issues of public concern and would expose BJP’s failures on various fronts. However BJP’s fear of facing the  backlash of people, have forced the party to field several former Ministers and legislators besides pushing its central leaders and ministers to campaign for their candidates in every nook and corner of their constituencies. If BJP is confident over their performance and delivery of promises, what forced them to push in top leadership for the local elections, they questioned.

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