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By: Hilal Ahmad Bhat

We live in an era of technology and advancement. We have succeeded in achieving many milestones. In today’s era of technological advancement, world has been pacing towards development by leaps and bounds. The scientific gifts of electronic gadgets to the nature have reduced the large map of the world to a small global village. We have been able to explore vast area of Universe as well. Life has become fast and comfortable. We have been carrying out our routine work by making use of many gadgets and this too in a very fast manner. Literacy rate has risen in every nation of the world. We claim to have stored knowledge in every nook and corner. It seems that everyone among us makes proud expression that he/she has got expertise in operating and making use of modern technology. But is all this good enough to make our societies modern and civilized?

I believe certainly not. If on one hand we claim to have make certain achievements but on the other hand we are losing our culture, tradition and most importantly morals. Making   use of technology beyond extent has isolated us from our culture and tradition. If it helps us in acquiring knowledge and has made us capable to keep eye on the globe, it prevents to inculcate in us the morals which are essential to make a person civilized one.

People of yesteryears also lived their lives on this planet but there was a lot of difference between their lifestyle and ours. Though they might not have lived their lives in a high standard manner but the way they lived in a bonding with each other is really praiseworthy. In those times people had been able to develop morals right from childhood which they believed was essential to make one successful and happier in life. I have heard from elders that there were no boundary walls around houses in any locality. This was done deliberately to make possible free movement of people living around and promote love. They were not only keeping the doors of their houses open for all but doors of their hearts were also open for all. They were really rich in moral values.

In today’s modern era our youth have been completely ensnared by the cobwebs of computers, laptops and mobile phones to such an extent that they are not able to wriggle out even to fulfill their social and moral obligations. This won’t be wrong to say that most of us have become self centered and we prefer to ignore others, knowingly or unknowingly. As, soon as the child grows up enough to understand and analyze things, he notices one hand of his parents on the phone, the other hand punching keys on the laptop or in their free time they are glued to the TV screens. Parents do not have time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with their children to imbibe the moral values in them.

As said wisely “there is enough for everyone’s need but not for anyone’s greed.” Similarly, the youth of today have been consumed by consumerism and materialism to such an extent that their desires have become insatiable. There are means to communication, but now they are becoming the only means to communicate making one on one conversation less frequent, which though is prerequisite for humanism (moral values). Sometimes when internet connection isn’t working, we get a chance to spend time with our families. This takes us to past when family members used to sit together and share ideas.

It has been rightly said that We have become the people unable to comprehend the technology we invent”. Instead of building close ties with our family and friends, we are isolating ourselves by virtually creating a world where everything is possible except true friendships and social values. For a more civilized and loving world, let’s use the technology but don’t let the keypads and keyboards be the only keys to our heart.

– The writer is a teacher in Department of School Education and can be reached at

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