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Failure is stepping stone to Success

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By: Mir Faizan Nabi

As a student, and like many others a struggler, I have wanted to share my thoughts on failure with my fellow students.  Failure is the word which no one wants to hear in her or his life. But does it mean you have to give up? No. It means you have to try afresh, and with new zeal and plan. It does not mean you don’t deserve it, or you cannot have it, it means you can do it because you want it.

Success is built on failure

If you are not careful, you will allow the situations in this life to cloud your perspective and you will allow moments in this life to take away the hopes and dreams of tomorrow.  Failure is not final, it  is formative. It is a process. You have a goal, ambition, aim or purpose, and you are not at zero. You are in the process.  It is a part of journey. One is not going to learn if he doesn’t ever fail. Failure is fuel for your future. Failure is a part of you being formed. Success is not built on success it is built on failure. Comparison of failure and success can be demystified by this quote of Moulana Rumi: “If you desire healing, let yourself fall ill first”.

Our response to failure

Failure motivates you and grows your desire to be successful. It is often said that failure is the first step to success, which conveys a message that success comes through failures. If we see the things we try in life to achieve are not always successful. The most important fact about failure is that how we respond to it. The way we react to failure dictates the final outcome. If we give up and lose hope, that means we are defeated. But on the other hand if we persevere, we will eventually win and be successful. Failure regulates us and gives us opportunity to begin afresh with a new determination. We walk off with experience from failures. In fact I think failures are the best teachers. They let out our weaknesses and frailty so that we can work on them and better ourselves.

Not a negative event

A failure is not end of the road. A failure does not mean everything is over for us. A failure is like a fall from which we must get up and continue towards our goal with renewed determination. Success and failures are part and parcel of life. We may not like failure still it can come anywhere and anytime. It can come most unexpectedly. A person who loses heart after failure is a lost person. We need not to be afraid of failure because it is a part of the path to success. We must utilize failure to our advantage so that we can succeed ultimately. If you feel that failure is a negative event, adjust your attitude and you will see any failure as simply one necessary step that will eventually lead to success. To attain success you have to change your perspective. It is well told that “the way we choose to see the world, creates the world we see”. It doesn’t define you as a loser for the rest of your life, again, unless you let it. Failure is something that anybody can face anytime. So when it happens, just pick yourself up and get ready for the next event in your life. If one falls, does it mean s/he should give up the struggle to get up again? With every fresh try, one learns and earns more experience. I want to share three important things about failure:

  1. Successful people are not afraid of failure

Successful people take actions as soon as possible without being afraid of failure. They dare to experiment and get involved into fresh struggle. Trying again and again is the secret that successful people apply. They keep trying even without bothering about the consequences. This zest finally makes them successful.

  1. Successful people  use failure as stepping stone to success

Successful people analyze their failures and learn from them in order to brush up themselves. They don’t get deterred by failures, and keep themselves occupied with fresh strategies. To achieve success it is very important to be flexible and to acclimatize a different kind of attitude towards failure.

  1. Failure teaches us perseverance and endurance

It is much easier to quit chasing your dreams after failing. However we must think that failure is not cataclysmic at all. In fact one must treat failure as a teacher not an undertaker. One should not give up on his/her dreams just because things didn’t work out for the first time. Even the famous scientist Thomas Edison who invented bulb failed 9999 times but he never gave up. When we fail we should promptly look for some different approach with more enthusiasm. Don’t give up rather stick to your goal till you achieve success.


Failure is only temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success. So just go ahead and don’t let these meaningful falls get on your nerves. Get up, go ahead, and get it.

Failure is not a crime but low aim is. Failure is path to success.


– Writer is a student of Govt Ranbir Hr Sec School Jammu and can be reached at [email protected]

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