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Masoodi welcomes Supreme Court observations

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Says observations are in nature of an acknowledgement that Kashmir is wounded, its wounds need to be healed

Srinagar : Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Member of Parliament from Anantnag Hasnain Masoodi has welcomed the observations made by the Supreme Court on 29th July 2020, while disposing of the Special Leave Petition filed by Mian Abdul Qayoom to question his detention under Public Safety Act.

The Court while parting with Judgment observed that “Kashmir has been a troubled area; Nature has been very kind to the place. It is the human race that has been unkind,” The Court added “It is time for all wounds to be healed and look to the future within the domain of our Country.”

Masoodi, in a statement, said that the observations are in the nature of an acknowledgement that Kashmir is wounded and its wounds need to be healed and that “hope is something which creates the future.”

Masoodi has expressed hope that the Government of India will take note of spirit, essence and underlying message of the observations and take immediate steps to heal the wounds inflicted and undo injustice done.

Masoodi has reminded the Government of India of the promises made by the successive Governments and senior leaders like Pt. Nehru, Morarji Desai and Atal Behari Vajpayee  to the people of Jammu and Kashmir including the recent one that “ Sky is the limit” when extent of autonomy is discussed. Masoodi has reminded the Government that the massive disapproval of 5th August 2019 decisions and demand for restoration of special status to Jammu and Kashmir is essentially the struggle for upholding the supremacy and dignity of the Constitution of India as people of Jammu and Kashmir are of the view that 5th August decisions are an assault on the Constitution and have been taken in gross violation of letter and spirit of Constitution.

Masoodi has impressed upon the Government of India to desist from implementing the Reorganization Act and put on hold the steps like Delimitation, Domicile Law, Amendments in COBOA and Development Act,  out of respect for the Supreme Court as the Court is examining the constitutional validity of the Reorganisation Act and the Government of India and all other limbs of the State are expected  to put the implementation of a constitutionally suspect law on hold till the Court hands down its verdict.

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