Today: Jun 19, 2024

Assertions of Ram Madhav far from reality: NC

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Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday rejected the assertions of BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav as preposterous and an oblique acceptance of pervasive instability, insecurity and political void in Jammu and Kashmir.

Party’s Chief Spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi while rejecting the assertions of BJP’s General Secretary as insightful of his frustration asked him what political process he was alluding to.

“National Conference has never hesitated to represent people’s aspirations; we have always been at the forefront when it came to representing people’s aspirations. We have never run away from our obligations.  But how can any political activity be started at this juncture when most of the political leaders are still under house detention since the unconstitutional scrapping of Articles 370, Art35 A. Those who were released from detention centers have been kept detained in their homes. So far the government has only been revolving the doors of detention. The way people’s representatives, former MLA’s, ministers; sitting MPs, political activists are being treated since 5th of august 2019 speaks volumes about BJP’s repugnance for democratic institutions and elected representatives in  J&K,” he said.

“Madhav who is serving sermons on democracy should first introspect rather than point figures. What about those who had already secured people’s confidence in parliamentary elections, why were they circumvented by the BJP led central government while undertaking the unilateral and unconstitutional decisions on 5th of August? It is us who shouldered the numerous coffins of our colleagues, and workers all these years. It was us who watered the frail sapling of democracy in the most tumultuous years, unfortunately all that has been undone by BJP with a single stroke of pen,” he said.

He said NC has and will continue to be synonymous with the genuine political aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and there can be no denial to it, even BJP’s founding father and former PM acknowledged it.