Aijaz Ganai

Someday, maybe someday!

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Ladies and gentlemen- may I present to you- the killing. It comes in all shapes and sizes, for any age group- young and old. It is free of cost; you can kill with a rock or simply with a kitchen knife. You can suffocate a person, a brick can work too.

Hence proved that we all can kill whatever we need to and whenever we want to.

Killings in the orchard

Killings in the attic

Killings in the backyard

Killing in the mosque

Killings in the car

Killings by the Army

Killings by the police

Killings by the people

Killings by our cute little minister

Ladies and gentlemen, killings

Killings by the media

Killings by the pen

Killings by the gun

It feels like too much killing already! There are people who are peacemakers and probably we must talk about them too but before that we will go for a break.

Break: How many of you lived your dream- no one?? Don’t worry we have a special app for you to fill your dreams. (Laughs). That is called ‘don’t talk if you don’t know what to talk’.

What really happened to the Mudball and how come the lions are gone? The historical material found in Mudball has so much blood and tears rolling down from those rough sketches drawn from pain and agony. By looking at them, we emotionally mix ours and then accidentally we forget what we just saw.

It was all dead when two giants fought each other on that green carpet of Mudball. It is not hard to remember about the green carpet turned red every day. All animals started to kill each other and the foxes kept a watch and trained in killing the innocent animals.

This is how the lions were gone and every animal started to decorate their own shops. One common thing you will find in these shops is blood.

According to the script around 1, 00,000 animals are dead and dispersed. Killings, rapes, disappearance and caged animals are still the same, Just increased!

Killings by the cow

Killings by the rabbit

Killings by the powerful

Killings by the rich

Killings by the education

Killings by an institute

Killings by the watchman

Killings by the professor

Killings in a story

Killings in the history

Killings in the theory

Killings in the mystery

Killings by the name

Killings by the idea

Killings by a faith

Killings by a race

Killings by a fool

Killings by an intellectual

Killings by the man

Killings by the women…

Someday the mountains will be happy and the shade will keep on growing bigger to sooth more animals. Someday perhaps the fox will die. Someday the Rabbits will be free. Someday maybe!

Note: There is no need to be honest or emotional in this game. After completing our first mission we will look for more kills to earn more coins and also after completing a level we have to dump a body somewhere, where no one can see it or distort it by cutting the head or burning the body. So no one will come to know ‘who killed whom’.


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