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Growing trend of suicides in societies

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Let us dare to dream and strive for its realization. Let us live this life for ourselves and for our dear ones.    

By: Muneeb Afzal

Suicide has become one of the major causes of death in India as well as across the globe. Every year hundreds of thousands of people across the world abruptly cut their lives short by committing suicide. Instead of coming to terms with their circumstances, they choose the path of death as a solution to the worldly problems and issues. They know that this life comes once and even then the fear of losing it for ever does not stop them from embracing the eternal rest. Nothing in this world stimulates their will to live.

This is very depressing, distressing and disturbing given the value of our life and the worth of living it. Why people lose their will to live? What can be done to check the increasing suicidal rate? In times of utmost distress and disappointment, what can give people the courage to live? To answer these questions it becomes pertinent that we talk about the adversities and challenges in our life and we try to find ways by which we can put up with the circumstances and brave the difficult times successfully.

Struggle is an inevitable and intrinsic part of everybody’s life. There is no denying the fact that nature of struggles differ from individual to individual. In terms of economic and emotional well being, some are placed in a much better position than others but it is not a good reason to conclude that life is a complete bed of roses for some and a pavement of thorns for others. Struggle is a normal thing in everybody’s life. What makes the real difference is how we take up the challenge and how we respond to it.

All great philosophers from Socrates to Plato and from Aristotle to Kierkegaard have taught courage as a weapon to confront the agony and pains of life with bravery. Withstanding the obstacles and pushing forward through difficult times in our life is what gives meaning to our life. Different kinds of failures and troubles come in our life and instead of succumbing to them we are required to use them as an opportunity to elevate ourselves to new heights.

Behind every success of great personality of this world is a great struggle. Their life reveals that most difficult roads lead to the most beautiful destinations. The world’s greatest scientists, leaders, philosophers and artists have endured the severe adversities of life before they could rise and shine. Among such personalities is the name of Abrahim Lincoln. His life is often cited as an example of firm determination in times of despair and desolation. Who could have thought that a manual labourer of 22 will become the president of United States? Who could have ever imagined that a person facing repeated failures in life will become the messiah of slaves? The life of Abrahim Lincoln is a source of real inspiration and hope for all of us. He had to face a lifelong depression and anxiety but he never gave up and remained resolute and firm for pursuing his worthwhile goal in his life.

‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all’-the strong words from a strong American deaf-blind author Helen Keller. In her autobiography, she writes that she lived at sea in a dense fog after she lost her eyesight and hearing at the young age of 22. She dared to take the challenge and achieved a remarkable success in her life. She became a renowned author, political activist and a lecturer. June 27 in Pennssylvania is commemorated as ‘Helen Keller Day’ to pay homage to her bravery and courage she demonstrated in her life. Her life exhibits that whatever may be the gravity of our problems we are capable of conquering them.

Challenges are an inevitable part of our life but being defeated is optional. So many hardships and hard knocks do come in our life but their solution lie in life itself and not in death. We discover ourselves when we defeat the difficult situations in our life. We must understand that if life is full of challenges, it abounds in opportunities as well.

Let us embrace this life with open arms and say ‘NO’ to suicide for our lives are important not only for us but also for those who love us. Suicide gives an everlasting wound and an irreparable loss to the dear ones. Let us dare to dream and strive for its realization. Let us live this life for ourselves and for our dear ones.

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