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‘Art is my passion, medical studies my commitment’

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With a profound passion for painting and an undaunted commitment to medical studies, Tabish Aijaz Khan, a young learner has been striking a perfect balance between her passion and commitment. And guess what- she is doing wonderful in both the realms. Excerpts from an interview with Kashmir Images reporter Salim Qadri

Q: Tell us about yourself?

Well, I am an art enthusiast and live in Anantnag. I did my schooling from New Delhi and have had tremendous interest in arts even though my academic interest lies in Medical stream. You can say that I am a self taught artist and my works include art on Chinar leaves, feather, stones etc besides the usual paper and canvas.

Q: MBBS students aren’t usually inclined towards arts, but you are-why?

I have diverse interests and if on one hand i wanted to pursue medical stream as my academic line, on the other hand I was always inclined towards paintings and drawings. My parents have always been cooperative and never disapproved any of my interests. In fact they supported me in every sense of the term.

Q: When and how did you start painting?

I loved to paint since my childhood but it was more of a hobby for me. Lately, during 2016 Kashmir unrest when I was at home my interest in art got strengthened and I started paying more attention to it. I used to paint in my idle time and then share it on social media. I was astounded to see my artwork getting a huge response from the many friends and art lovers. That’s the time when I really got into it.

Q: Who inspired you for painting?

Well, my inspiration doesn’t come from any mainstream artists or any specific art works, though i love many, but it rather came from one of my school teacher- Shamlal sir.

Q: The frequent communication blockades must be hurting for an artist who is fond of sharing works with friends?

Communication blockade and lockdowns certainly are some of the impediments that confront us all. Besides, in Kashmir we lack platforms to showcase our works and most of the times we are either searching for opportunities outside the state of the works remain unknown.

Q: Does this passion of yours hamper your mainstream studies?

Till now, I have never faced any difficulties and I have been balancing both quite nicely. Instead, art acts as a sort of stress reliever for me whenever studies become tiring. But yes during exams I don’t usually paint.

Q: What is your plan- to be a doctor and treat people or learn painting professionally?

Certainly Allah is the best planner. I just want to continue both.

Q: Any advice for young aspiring artists?

I would like to quote a famous saying by Henry ford- ‘I am looking for a lot of men with an infinite capacity for not knowing what cannot be done.’  So, have faith and sky is the limit. Always remember two things will let you achieve heights- hard work and self confidence.

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