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BY: Qubra

The creatures on land take their self conceived divisions way too seriously. We in the open fluid skies would be overwhelmed by their zealous passion for these venerated frontiers and the fancy names they give them. There are the Green line, the 38th parallel, the LAC and the LOC, the nine dash line and many more. They draw and redraw maps, lay claims and counter claims on land, water and snow caps alike. I’ve been told they are coming for space next. The skirmishes along these borders are considered important for something they refer to as ‘territorial integrity’. Even though integrity to me is a universal concept, territoriality is a novel idea envisaged by these land-dwellers. I often see fireworks across these fringes during such skirmishes and can’t help but gasp at the hues of innocent blood on either side. However, they deny any such allegations or acknowledge them as ‘collateral damage’. The other day, I saw hope, fleeting across the lands, surfing over waters and skiing over snow only to be stopped at these fringes, lamenting- Let me in, Let me in.

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