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GUREZ VALLEY: A Poetic Journey by Is’haq Bhat

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Struggle to find the right frame, I always dreamt of, as an aspiring filmmaker, finally comes to an end, after driving for 10 hours non-stop from Srinagar to reach Gurez Valley- no less than a godly art- located high in the Himalayas at an altitude of 8000 feet. It is a delight to the eyes with its picturesque landscape, countless snow clad mountains, heritage and unique culture.


After witnessing Habba Khatoon Peak- Pyramid-shaped Mountain, named after Kashmiri poetess, I titled the trip as ‘a poetic journey.’ The peak narrates all, who Habba Khatoon was and how Yusuf Shah Chak was imprisoned by Akbar during the Mughal era.


People of Gurez valley are Dards, they speak Sheena language and have their ancestral connection with Gilgit Valley now in Pakistan.



Men at work using manual seesaw an age-old method to cut large logs, the Dards are hardworking and fairly educated to communicate with outsiders. They enjoy profound peacefulness in their isolated ancestral home.


A boy posing for a photograph, the Dards are known for unique eye color and brown skin tone. People are really open hearted they meet outsiders with amazement and warmth.



During the poetic journey to Gurez Valley you will find rough roads, deep canyons and Paper Trees, locally called Burza.


Kishenganga, also known as Neelum, flows 180 miles from Pakistan through Gurez and back to Pakistan.


Small wood-logged huts with indigenous style of rooftops are common in Gurez 

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