Adeela Hameed

Living with Covid-19

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It is important to abide by relaxation rules provided by the government and restart our daily lives with utmost care.

Till now, there has been no effective vaccine developed against coronavirus. That just means we have to live with it for quite sometime. But isn’t it difficult or scary? Yeah, it sure is. However if we continue to stay put, locked inside our homes, the human race might lose focus or sanity. So with proper precautions and using masks and sanitizers, venturing out is, in reality, ‘less of the two evils’. With the world heading towards a massive economic crunch, people have to work somehow to regain balance. Poverty might rise even further if total lockdown continues. We are unemployed for now, a huge number of people lost their jobs and businesses, but what is more appalling is that mental instability and self-harm are on the rise. Without a strong support system, people fail to overcome their obstacles and eventually succumb to dire mental illnesses.

Recent reports have suggested increased suicides among high-profile individuals, middle-income families, and deaths due to starvation in low-income households. This stems from the fact that people lost human contact, their livelihood, and proved yet again that just social media cannot help humans be close to each other. We, as social animals, crave for connections. When virtual reality becomes your only reality, the human mind collapses. Thus, it is important to abide by relaxation rules provided by the government and restart our daily lives with utmost care. The virus has potential to remain with us for a long time, and we must strive to overcome difficulties that come hand in hand with total lockdown.

Doctors and researchers maintain that almost 80-90% of Covid-19 cases are mild and only 1-3% lead to serious illness. To develop herd immunity, thus, it is once again imperative for the young healthy generation to be exposed to the virus such that their immune system kills and prevents further infection. However, it must be noted that people, when deciding to work outside, must take into consideration close contact with more susceptible groups of our population. Social distancing must be maintained properly whilst dealing with the elderly or critically ill. Use of masks and hand sanitizers or soaps must be encouraged in all offices, facilities, markets, malls, colleges, and other institutions.

Not losing hope for a better tomorrow should be our aim, our goal. These are trying times and with economic losses, poverty, mental illness, and societal taboo in tow, people are bound to lose this hope. But we must believe that we, humans, are supreme beings upon whom God bestowed social and moral support of one another unlike most in the animal kingdom. Preparing together for the life ahead, distributing opportunities and responsibilities, making sure people near you are doing okay, are some of the aspects that must be included in our daily routine from now on.

This calamity, that we are in the midst of, can only affect our faith if we let it. Sure, everyone is suffering but it is better to focus on positivity around us, now of all times. That positive energy might be miniscule, yet it’s present in spite of everything. The least you can do is observe nature, gain inspiration from it, develop a sense of meaning from hundreds of miracles happening on our planet at the present moment, and believe that everything will eventually be alright. We will overcome the virus and emerge as the best version of humans that have ever been.

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