Food security is even more important now

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June 07 - World Food Security Day

Priyanka Saurabh

Bread, cloth, and houses are said to be the basic necessities of man. A man works hard to meet the need for these basic necessities. Indian and international agencies are working hard to provide the general public with adequate information about the importance of safe food. The United Nations (UN) has assigned its two agencies, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to lead efforts to promote food security worldwide. The Second World Food Security Day (WFSD) will be celebrated on June 7, 2020, to draw attention to help prevent, detect and manage contributions to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism etc.

Following the success of the first celebration in 2019, this year again WFSD has teamed up with the WHO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to strengthen its commitment to scale food security under the umbrella of “The Future of Food Safety”. Together the member nations have reshaped their efforts to celebrate World Food Security Day, under the theme “Food Security, Business for All”, promoting global food security awareness and ensuring that all countries and decision-makers, the private sector, citizens The message of being aware of this to the society, the United Nations and the general public will be conveyed to the whole world.

During a lockdown, unscrupulous elements can take unfair advantage of food adulteration or take advantage of the situation to indulge in adulteration and fraud. Profiteering can seriously affect the health and wealth of an already stressed population, usually available in the market. Suspicion of adulteration in foods remains. From pulses, grains, milk, spices, ghee to vegetables and fruits, no food is untouched by adulteration. Today the greatest ill effects of adulteration are falling on the items of necessity used in our daily lives.

Because of the Corona, everyone needs a strong immune system at this time. We need food every day to nourish the body. To keep the body healthy, it is necessary to include an adequate amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and mineral salts, etc. in the diet and all these nutrients can be obtained only from a balanced diet. This is possible only when the food items, pulses, grains, dairy products, spices, oils, etc. available in the market are unadulterated. Food adulteration significantly reduces the quality of the product. Of cheap dyes etc. in foods. Adulteration makes the product look attractive, but has an adverse effect on nutrition, making it harmful to health.

In general, if an external element is added to a food or any valuable nutrient is extracted from it or the food is stored improperly, then its quality decreases. Therefore that food or food item will be called adulterated. The Food Adulteration Act (PFA Act 1954) was enacted by the Government of India in 1954 to prevent adulteration of food items and to provide pure food to the consumers.

It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to ensure the supply of pure foods to the consumers. At present, it is very difficult to differentiate between basic foods and adulterated foods. Using an adulterated diet has an adverse effect on the body and increases the risk of developing physical disorders. While food adulteration will reduce and increase immunity to corona seizures, other diseases such as blindness of eyes, heart-related diseases, liver damage, leprosy, diseases of the digestive system, paralysis, and cancer are also more affected. Can.

At the moment people are mostly confined to houses and stoves. They can’t give much time nor can they find out what is in the market at this time, they are buying in a hurry as soon as they can find it, the time is the same and they have no choice but to buy at such time. . It is quite inspiring that during such times the Safety Wing Department of the Food and Drug Administration has taken the necessary initiative of inspection. To ensure good business, various food establishments are working today keeping in view the practices and maintenance of food quality being produced. The government needs to ensure that no one can take an unfair advantage at such a time.

Due to the lockout, people are also doubting the quality of food items. False and misleading information about food items being sold in the market has flooded the social media platforms. This is more shocking and frightening, the administration has to curb it by making it tough. Incidents are also true in many places where foods which were all standard and putrid were sold in the market without any hesitation or fear of law.

Although desirable action was taken there and poor quality food was either confiscated or destroyed, the point to consider is that. There are many other people who indulge in such malice and they are posing a huge threat to the health and safety of the people. Time is needed for the said department to intensify its campaign against adulteration in food items and take strict action against any person involved in it immediately.

We as well as the administration need to be aware to avoid adulteration and identify adulteration. Food adulteration is a crime. The Food Adulteration Act, 1954 provides for imprisonment of at least 6 months, which can be extended up to three years if any trader or seller is found guilty. In addition, there is a provision of norms. Foods are harmful to human health and the role of consumers in preventing it is very important. Every consumer (especially housewives) should be aware to avoid adulteration. There are some essential points to keep in mind like do not buy open food items.

Buy most standard certified marks (Eggmark, FPO, ISI, Hallmark) and keep proper information about the properties, color, purity, etc. of the material to be purchased. Take goods from shopkeepers and verified companies and as far as possible when using packaged goods be sure to keep company name and address, food packing and expiration date, the weight of goods, quality label as healthy and wholesome life is the key to success. In the Corona period anyway, we need to become more aware. We are well aware of how important it is for the body to be healthy and strong to fight epidemics, for which food security has become even more important.

– The writer is Research Scholar in Political Science.


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