Not just stay at home…

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By: Manzoor Bhat

The unprecedented situation thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us all inside our homes. As of now it is best to be at home till we come up with a vaccine for Covid-19. But staying at home for whole day and for months together is not easy. It takes a toll on our physical and mental health. So we must find ways to make it into a blessing in disguise.

With so much of valuable time at our disposal, we could set up some targets for ourselves, which we always wanted to do. But weren’t able to do due to paucity of time. It is time to get out of the comfort zone and do the things which we always feared to do. It is time to become more resourceful person, which in case of unemployed or underemployed, would increase the chances of employability too. We could add different skills we always had wanted.

The post-Covid19 world would be more competitive as the different small-scale industries employing masses of people would not be able to recover immediately after the lockdown is lifted. This would mean very large number of people will be out of work and we would be required to compete with all those. If we didn’t make most of the lockdown time, we might be lagging behind.

Growing up is not mandatory. The people who are keen to grow up, never stop learning things. We must keep ourselves ready for the post-Covid19 scenario. Though we should be hopeful that everything will be fine soon, but as the cliche goes “hope for the best; prepare for the worst”.

We should keep ourselves ready for the worst.

Not let go of the time, we have. It waits for none. Make use of it as good as one can. Sitting idle increases worries. Stay at home, but not just stay there. Do the things with available resources you have, to become best possible updated version of YOU.

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