Care for marginalized

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The third phase of nation-wide lockdown to defeat spread of deadly Covid-19 is nearing its completion. By and large the lockdown has remained successful and majority of the people, all over the country, have voluntarily decided to stay at home and avoid physical contact. Respective state as well as UT governments need to be appreciated for their efforts to ensure the lockdown thus scuttle, to some extent, the wild dance of coronavirus. Though the curve is yet to be flattened, the successful social distancing has been able to dent the march of the deadly virus. However, the lockdown has had a very severe impact over the economy and particularly the poor and the marginalized lot. There are lakhs of people in India who are daily earners and sustain their families on what they earn during the day. One can just visualize the pathetic condition of such earners and their families. Sadly, the governments, be that in New Delhi or in different states and UTs, have just tall claims and promises for these marginalized people. It goes without saying that India and its economy is run by these marginalized people but when its come to their survival and existence, the governments have always looked the other way. In recent lockdown crisis the issue of migrant workers has completely exposed the capitalist and pro rich mindset of the government. While special aircrafts were arranged for moneyed people, the migrant workers were left with no choice but to walk hundreds of kilometers and die of hunger and road accidents. It took the government nearly three months to wake up to the problems faced by these labourers and announce some sort of transportation to take them to their respective destinations.

It may be reiterated that India’s economy is not run by Ambanis and Adanis. It is run by these very poor and marginalized workers. It is their blood and sweat that gives birth to business tycoons and then the governments, that be, keep every aspect of the governance hostage with these tycoons and leave the real movers and shakers, the poor workers, to fend for themselves. One had expected that despite its disastrous impact, the coronavirus may atleast dent the untamed power of capitalism and bring the focus of the governments, world over, back on basics, but the way the governments, both the union, state and UTs behaved vis-à-vis the working class, it becomes evident that no lessons have been learnt. The lockdown will have to end; people have to resume their routine lives, though with certain changes; and the Covid-19 is to stay here for a while. Now what is to be seen is how the Central Government, state governments and UTs would come forward to help the workers, the poor and the marginalized. States and UTs have collected lots of money in their respective relief funds as people have donated wholeheartedly. Prime Ministers Cares initiative too has got donations worth billions. One would hope that the said money would not be kept confined to political chests but be utilized to compensate the losses suffered by the workers, poor and marginalized.

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