To help the ailing is what doctors’ profession is about

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BY: Tajamul Islam

Doctors all over the world are given the stature next to God. It happens so mostly because they are lifesavers who work tirelessly for the mankind. Moreover, being a doctor is considered one of the most sought-after professions. People want their kids to become doctors and they instil this dream in them from an early age.

Doctors’ profession is a noble profession. As we all know, there is no one on this earth who doesn’t need a doctor. From minor flu to fractures to complicated surgical procedures in some way or the other we need doctors. Just think what it will be if there are no doctors to heal us?

Doctors are termed as God’s friends as they deal with real human lives. These God’s friends study for years and then for the rest of their lives use this knowledge for the betterment of living beings. Many doctors work as social workers and activists also and help to get the health facilities to the poor who can’t afford them otherwise. But there are some immoral practices as well which makes it tough for patients to get the right treatment. Corruption has not spared this field too.

In this time of pandemic, when most of the doctors are fighting at the forefront against the Covid-19 tirelessly, there are still some who do not seem to value humanity. Take the instance of the recent death of pregnant woman along with her twins in MCH Anantnag. The woman was not treated by the doctors as she came from an area falling in the Covid-19 red zone. They kept watching her from distance till she was dead. And later in a damage control exercise, the victim was declared Covid-19 positive.

Actually doctors are for the service of humanity; and they are being paid for that. But nowadays, most doctors have made this noble profession into a business. They have setup their own clinics and nursing homes where they market their skills and charge patients at will. These doctors do not perform their jobs well at government hospitals, and instead tell patients to visit them at their clinics. For these doctors, it is only about money, and nothing else.

This greed for money is what is earning bad name to the doctors and their profession in general, besides of course being a cause for lots of trouble for the patients. Public is losing faith in the medical field, and its doctors. Doctors must behave more responsibly and the government must also facilitate it by providing good facilities at the hospitals. This they must do, at least for upholding the stature and esteem that their profession has rightfully earned.

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