Lessons that ‘corona times’ are teaching us

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By Umar Firdous Ahmad

The contemporary times are uncertain. Entire world is facing great uncertainty. The knowledge acquired over a period of time together with all the technological advancements have fell flat and seem to be of no use. The small, sub-microscopic virus, which is yet to be explored in detail, is frightening everything with its unbridled powers of causing death, destruction and wiping off the whole humankind. The virus has not only unleashed an era of terror but also closed the doors of economic activities around the globe. No wonder a great economic depression seems actually in the offing.

Today people are solitarily confined to their homes, fearing contraction of this virus if they step outside. This is like a sort of collective punishment to the humans, who were until recently doing whatever they could to satiate and satisfy their greed for more and more. But today people throughout the world have seemingly become miserable in their own space and time, and are waiting for some divine help to deliver them from the wicked clutches of the coronavirus.

The speed with which coronavirus is transmitting, seems to be mocking at the human kind and telling them with loud taunts: ‘Look, I am here, if you have the power and you claim to be powerful on this earth, stop me.” The uncertainty and the power of this virus can be understood from the words of Dr. Anthony Fauci, who said that it would be impossible for the humanity to enter the pre-corona times again until we are able to find any vaccine (cure), and that upto that time, this virus is going to remain a potential threat to the humans around the globe.

The current times have several strong messages for the whole humanity. These times have shown the humans that there are certain invisible dangers which are embedded in the Earth itself, and that as and when the humans start to cross the line, they are sure to face the wrath of these hidden dangers of nature. These invisible objects and creatures are unleashed with all ferocity when humans transgress their boundaries and violate nature and its varied elements beyond their sustaining capacity.  Nature has the power to teach humans a lesson, and the situation created by the emergence of coronavirus is actually the same retaliation from nature, a way to cut humans to size and tell them to behave.

(The author works at Labour Department, J&K Govt)

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