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Survey finds over 82% public support for govt Covid fight

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Mumbai: As the nation enters the second phase of the Covid-19 lockdowns, an opinion poll during the first phase has given very high credit to the central government for its actions to control the pandemic with over 82 per cent supporting the government measures, but 86 per cent remain worried over their future.

The international survey finds as much as 82 per cent of those polled are satisfied with the government efforts to support the society in the first round and the same goes up to 86 per cent in the second round of the survey.

As against this, only 60 per cent in Britain, 44 per cent in the US, 67 per cent in Australia and 45 per cent in Hong Kong are satisfied with their governments’ efforts.

However, when it comes to worries about the future, Indians top the list with as much as 86 per cent saying they are worried about their future, which is the highest among the polled people as the worry level among Hongkongers is 71 per cent, 51 per cent among the Americans, 39 per cent among the Australians and only 38 per cent among the Britons.

The survey was conducted in two phases across India, the US, Britain, Australia, and Hong Kong between March 23 and 26, and April 2-5.

The online poll called CT Global Leadership Insights Tracker was conducted by the London-based CT (Crosby Textor) Group/Crosby Textor India which specialises research based opinion polls, strategic communications and a corporate and political advisory firm.

Also, as much as 85 per cent Indians are supportive of the lockdown and credit the lower death tolls to this. In comparison, in other countries people believe that governments were far less successful in their efforts with 53 per cent Britons, 51 per cent Americans 64 per cent Australians and 65 per cent in Hong Kong being not happy with their governments.

A vast majority of those polled also believe normal life will return in one-two months, which is the highest, while the same is 6-12 months in Britain and Australia, 2-4 months in the US and Hong Kong, Atul Jhamb, executive chairman of Crosby Textor India told PTI on Thursday.

When it comes to the public perception about the corporate world especially the big businesses, 77 per cent Indians support what corporate world has been doing to fight the pandemic track. In comparison, this is only 49 per cent in England, 46 per cent in the US, 54 per cent in Australia and 56 per cent in Hong Kong

Also, four-fifths of the Indian employees are satisfied with what their employers have done to fight the pandemic. In comparison, this is much lower in the US (47 per cent), Britain (49 per cent), Australia (54 per cent) and 54 per cent in Hong Kong.

A vast majority in all these markets are worried about the impact of the pandemic on them in future on and their worries are related to personal finances, mental health, childcare, personal freedom, friendships among others.

Overall 86 per cent Indians are concerned about the future which is the highest, followed 71 per cent in Hong Kong, 51 per cent in the US, 39 per cent in Australia and 38 per cent in England.



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