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The essence of relationship

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BY: Syed Maajid Rashid Andrabi

At a time when the whole world is grappling with Covid-19 pandemic and people are confined to their homes, it is worthwhile to mention that all the worldly gains at this point are of no value. What still matters, is the concern we have for our dear ones whom we had taken for granted until recently but now have again shifted our attention back to them.

With the ever-evolving social setup, we have come to a point where the essence of relationship has lost its meaning. We have inadvertently entered in a phase where the basic understanding of relationships is becoming a casualty. Though we all are living together, but there are separations in this togetherness! What is predominant today, is the absolute need-based interactions, which cease to exist once needs are fulfilled. We are so much occupied in our daily affairs that we seldom find time to meet and greet people whom we owe our immense gratitude.

We all are a part of a big system and our association with one another is a prerequisite to ensure that all of us advance together in a much dignified way. But going by the present trend, there are very less chances to progress that way. Instead, what seems to be unfolding is the inopportune way of our daily affairs, which has put a question mark on the etiquettes governing our social behavior. It seems that all of what we have been taught has lost its significance over time. It is a wonder to see how human behavior and priorities have changed, adding complexity to the relationships.

Having said it, whatever form they may be in, relationships are the basis which hold us together. They induce the spirit of contentment in our lives by their fruitful association. They add value to our lives and justify our existence. They make our life beautiful with pleasant experiences.

Looking at the present day societies, one only gets a gloomy representation of how the relationships have succumbed to the illusions of the time. No one seems to honor the obligations he or she is bound to do as a part of his/her affirmative stand towards any relationship. What is being witnessed is the unfamiliar attitude of people towards others. People have belittled relationships in all aspects as their preferences have changed, much due to their changed aspirations and their understanding of relationships.

Nowadays, human relationships have fallen victim of greed and are being looked as the means to attain material gains rather than recognizing them as a treasure to derive heavenly pleasure by gratifying the commitments to honor the sanctity of relationships. Our relationships are getting influenced by a variety of factors. From our own preoccupations to the technological interventions, all have a deep impact on our thought processes, which is evident in the form of behavioral changes. While there is always a thrust to stick to the moral lines to comply with the standards of human dignity, but to our utter shock these are remembered by only some while a majority seems to be indifferent and thus don’t value human relationships. The technological influence on our relations is worth introspection. We all are living more in the virtual sphere around us which benefits none but puts all of us at the risk of losing our loved ones by creating a void amongst ourselves. We are faking ourselves to create a fabricated atmosphere of happiness which is impacting us in a negative way. Relationships are no more cherished and admired as was in the past. We have degraded the spirit of relationships to the extent that we are no more concerned about their welfare.

Humans though have evolved very much but their dependence on relationships has never diminished. We all need someone to be by our side in our thick and thin and relationships are the only means to realize this need. There are only some who truly value relationships and acknowledge their role. While it is an established fact that human relationships flourish when they are nurtured with love, care and trust; they cease to survive if left unattended. However, those who seem to be indifferent towards honoring relationships end up with the feeling of emptiness and live a solitary life which is worth no good irrespective of how successful they are in accumulating wealth and other material things.

The path to a successful relationship lies in appreciating every moment of association and being courteous to one another in lending a helping hand. We need to accept any relationship by heart rather than keeping it to words only. There is no way human civilization can prosper if the respect for human relationships doesn’t become its inherited trait.

Time has come when we have to reverse this unpropitious trend and begin to value the essence of relationship, lest we fall prey to unceremonious pretences which would not only erode the social fabric but also deal a strong blow to our decency. It would set a wrong notion for the generations to come which would eventually live up with the same discourteous practice. We need to change.

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