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With two deaths and 45 Covid-19 positive, the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is face to face with a bigger challenge. Though it is a global phenomena and the populace of entire world is struggling to defeat deadly coronavirus, given the fragile health and medical systems in J&K, it becomes more worrisome for the people living here. The shocking reality is that some people are behaving irresponsibly and are not adhering to the guidelines issued by WHO and other health organizations and neither are cooperating with the instructions being regularly issued by the UT administration. These people are not only risking their own lives but are jeopardizing the well being of the entire society. Amid a crisis, where world’s most developed countries have been brought down on kness by coronavirus, the people of J&K, while appreciating the poor health care system here, should have been more than cooperative to defeat the corona menace. Instead they are hiding their travel histories, running away from quarantine centres and thus roaming around like ticking bombs.

Past few days have witnessed surge in the detection of Covid-19 positive cases in Jammu and Kashmir. While on one hand it gives some hope that the testing mechanism here is showing results, on the other hand it should sent alarm bells ringing for the population. Intension is not to create panic but some degree of panic is a must when you are confronted with an invisible killer that is roaming around to target one and all. Social distancing is the only way to defeat the deadly march of this killer virus. People have to adhere to the guidelines. They have to minimize the human contact. It is true that this isolation is causing too much inconvenience to the masses but nothing can be as inconvenient as death. To save ourselves, our families, our friends, our neighbours and the entire society, better is to stay home and break the march of the deadly coronavirus.

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