Adeela Hameed

This Earth Hour, Nature Healed

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Kingdoms are established and vanquished, thrones overthrown and political regimes rise to fall. In all this, one nation remains unaffected. A nation bound by aspects much more important than sentimental power. A community that has survived ages of cold and drought and has pioneered to flourish even after devastation. This little yet humongous utilitarian reserve is nature. Although born billions of years ago, it never stops looking young. It refreshes each day to sustain us all. Our sole protector is our environment. It has been here since ages and will be here long after we have become a part of it. It is an undying fact that we have been brought forth through nature and we replenish it after death.

What is unravelling today, as a side-effect of thecoronavirus pandemic, is nature restoring its original state. We observe wildlife on streets, oceans rejuvenating, ozone layer healing, air quality improving and a lot ofmuch needed climate ameliorating actions taking place. Though human suffering can in no way be diminished or belittled, but we need to understand that nature is starting to look out for itself. Just like us, it is a living, breathing entity. It is alive. And it is fighting for survival. Whether that means constricting human movement due to a virus or burying micro-plastics deep in the seabed, our environment has taken charge to heal itself.

For this Earth Hour, we don’t necessarily have to switch off lights. To observe solidarity with nature, let us begin to contemplate and understand how our selfish ways have harmed those lives who share this Earth with us. As the world reels under a pandemic, let us celebrate this Earth Hour by honouring heroes who serve at the frontier, all heroes, who take care of our lives not caring about their own. Let our children hear about these selfless human beings who in this time of difficulty have made sure we stay safe. Let these heroes be their role models to follow and to respect growing up. Let this Earth Hour be a reminder of what we lost and to remember the fallen. Let today be a lesson for tomorrow, so that sustainability thrives and survives after this chaos has been calmed.

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