Zeeshan Rasool Khan

Cooperate for Common Good

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The entire world is going through a trying-period because of the fast-spreading Novel Corona Virus. To be frank, no solution is available to counter this small dreaded entity. And all we can do to defeat this pathogen is to follow precautionary measures. Albeit precautionary measures prescribed for prevention of this infection are simple but these may influence our lifestyle. These paramount preventive steps may hinder our routine activities, which may cause discomfort, up to point, but health must be assigned priority as its maintenance is of prime importance. Therefore, it is incumbent to abide by expert-advice. Among the list of do’s, maintenance of public distance is somehow unadjustable for many and simultaneously is one of the compulsory instructions one ought to obey. Because it is well established, that coronavirus is contagious and spreads not only through respiratory fluids coming out of the victim’s body but an asymptomatic person can contribute to its infection.

Having said that, we are living in a set-up where ‘living-together’ is much preferred or in one or the other way, we are compelled to come into an association. Apart from necessary day-to-day activities like going to market for shopping, get our hair done, or order delivery, participating in people’s assembly in the market, on shop fronts, and even in our communities has become the part of our culture. Outing and visiting parks with family and friends are a means to have fun and play and are a source of recreation. The customs of visiting relatives, friends, and organizing gatherings on marriage ceremonies have great significance in our lives. Traveling by already-overloaded transport is the habit of the majority. Though bad, most of us are always in haste and jump into fully loaded vehicles to reach the destination. The bus drivers also do not move until the bus is jam-packed.

Shaking hands, hugging, kissing is one of the ways of ours to express love and affection for dear ones. And congregational prayers and religious gatherings make the important elements of our religion. But the time demands ‘change’ in setting particularly that brings people in contact with one another, i.e. all such activities which leads to public contact needs to stop.

Globally, governments are issuing orders to check the possibility of public contact. In our part of the world, section 144 has been imposed with the same objective. This section aims to prevent the assembly of four or more people in the area. However, desired results could only be achieved when the public cooperates with authorities.

Masses need to understand the gravity of the epidemic and work in coordination with each other and with authorities. They need not underestimate the fact that coronavirus has been declared as an enemy of humanity and adopting preventive measures is its only known solution so far.

Before waiting for imposition of governmental rules to enforce public distancing, we must take lead and volunteer in making it happen. We should start on a personal level by refraining from shopping with others, participating in group-discussions in the markets, or on the shop fronts. For time being, outings and visits to public places must be annulled. At this juncture, even we need to eschew calling on friends and relatives. We as travelers should exercise restraint in boarding over-crowded vehicles. Likewise, drivers need to realize the seriousness of this pandemic and must avoid the overloading, if traffic happens to ply on roads.

True love is to care about other’s health and for the sake of people around us, it is better to stop expressing love as we do. Limiting the respect, love, and reverence to verbal-greetings on the meetings is what ongoing circumstances demand. It must not aggrieve us if our elders, parents, friends, kiths and kin, unlike past, maintain distance.

About our religious affairs, religious scholars have done their bit and issued advisories worldwide in which they have asked preachers not to organize gatherings and cut the duration of obligatory prayers. At many places, congregational prayers have been suspended. Many Temples and Gurudwaras are shutting down and others are mulling over it. All these steps are a way to ensure social distancing, a crucially important public health intervention that can help to stem coronavirus transmission.

Schools have already been closed -the sensible decision taken by the establishment. Banks have also requested customers/people to switch over to online mode. It is now the responsibility of the people to practice social distancing, besides taking other factual suggestions, to remain safe. The best way one can opt for is to stay at home as much as possible (even if he/she is all right without infection) for the greater good till coronavirus problem subsides. This will also cease newly generated social problem called ‘corona related racism’ that has emerged alongside viral breakout.

Placing reliance on God is not enough to ensure safety as He helps those who help themselves.

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