Heartless Humans

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BY: Faizaan Bashir

This little eye-catching creature, born a few months ago, was shocked to learn that his parents were going to be slaughtered with a honed knife. The very tip of the knife, when it shone in the glare of the sun like a diamond, revealed its sharpness. The other sheep told him about the impending danger. He bleated incessantly, tear drops rolling down his face. His emotions and feelings were impossible to put into words. With tears in eyes, he heard a strong and painful, sound. “Father! he exclaimed. Oh! And my mother’s voice too!” But he was as helpless as the others around him.

Seeing this two-legged wicked butcher dragging his parents for their throats to be slashed, he started to cry. And with him, all others did too. Their cries had strong emotions. But, it didn’t shake the butcher’s conscience a tad. He, with a strong force, whipped them in return. What shocked the little creature more was how this human did horrible and ghastly things to the body of his parents. He peered through a little hole and saw a big round-shaped wooden thing. Upon it, flesh was being cut into pieces with a knife. The other sheep told him that humans were going to kill them soon. “They won’t spare any of us. We are destined to die this way, a painful death. A death that only knows pain!”

“Pain,” the crying little creature asked, “What exactly is that!?” As he was very young, he didn’t know the exact meaning of the word pain. Those who were a little older than him, whispered fretfully in his ear, “When our throats get slashed by these evil beings, we have to bear it. Imagine nerves being cut. That’s pain. They don’t spare us even after we have died. They tear us to pieces, just as you saw before, and eat our flesh.”

What surprised him most were two facts. Firstly, human beings are considered to be the greatest of all creatures and secondly, plentiful food from plants present in the world does not satisfy them. So, they continue to prey on animals, and murder them.

“I pray to the Lord that what we have been going through, since our existence on this planet at the hands of these ruthless creatures, occurs to them. So they know how it feels to be slain in seconds,” murmured the little sheep. However, he was murdered a few days later.

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