Today: Jun 25, 2024

Kashmiri author releases sixth book

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Sopore: Kashmiri author, Naveed Qazi, released his sixth book titled ‘Global Perspectives’ through Amazon’s KDP print and its Kindle version worldwide. It will be available as print on demand through major online retailers around the globe.

The book is a collection of political essays covering topics such as China’s economic power through Belt and Road initiative, political developments in Pakistan and Afghanistan during Zardari’s and Karzai’s tenure, international foreign policy analysis, and much more.

Previously, the author has composed two novels namely The Trader of War Stories and The Vale Dweller. His other non fiction books include Musings on Global Politics, Reflections on the Changing World, and Corporate Social Responsibility in UK Supermarket Industry.

Post abrogation of Article 370, when internet access was snapped, the author consulted his personal library for research of his new non fiction book, as connection with the outside world was minimal. In order to make his time productive, reading and writing became a habitual routine.

Speaking to Kashmir Images, the author said that he managed to finish the book draft in less than five months. The book spans across 280 pages, and it’s a political commentary of recent times, covering topics that cannot be ignored by pensive readers.

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