In Praise of Fathers: Remembering my father on his Death Anniversary 

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 Picture of my deceased father, Manzoor Ahmad Bhat

By Muzamil Manzoor

For me, a father is someone who goes to any extent to support his family. He may not express his love and affection directly to his children, but never fails to shows it through subtle ways. Not much has been said or written in praise of fathers; however, their role speaks for itself. On his first death anniversary, I remember my father with love and gratitude.

My father, Manzoor Ahmad Bhat, left for heavenly abode on March 10, 2019 and sometimes his absence makes me sad, but then a verse from the holy Quran gives me solace. “Every soul will taste death”. Death is inevitable and everybody has to meet this fate. I strongly believe that it is the contribution of a deceased person which makes his/her spiritual presence felt everywhere.

My father had taught me so many things in my childhood that didn’t make any sense to me at that time, but now when I am an adult all those things come to my rescue. He taught me how to live a dignified life even when the whole world turns against you. I thank Almighty Allah for the blessings he poured out on me in the form of my father. My father would always say that education is only way to find the meaning and purpose in your life. ‘My son, don’t be a literate only, be educated,’ he used to say. He was a firm advocate of girl education. He used to advise his family, relatives and friends that a girl should be provided education. I still vividly remember him saying: “If girls living in Delhi or Mumbai can become doctors, scientists, writers, professors and et al, why can’t the daughters and sisters of Kashmir achieve these feats.”

One fine evening, I was reading poetry from Dewaan-i-Ghalib; he entered my room and started asking me about poetry. He asked me a simple question, what is poetry? Giving a bookish definition of poetry, I said: “It is literary work in which a poet expresses his words in distinctive and rthymic way.” His definition of poetry was quite impressive, “Darya Ko Kozay Mein Band Karna” (Holding a river in a basin).

Papa, I wrote this tribute to thank you for your dedication, love and guidance and without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. May Allah grant you highest place in Jannah. Ameen!

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