Self-indulgence, social media and today’s youth

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By: Suhaib Idrees Lateef

Self-indulgence is the act of allowing yourself and your conscience to have or to do the things that you adore highly and efficiently. It is the excessive gratification of one’s own desires, whims or much passionate aim. With attention to current scenario the social media has became one of the main platform of self-indulgence for youth. Self-indulgence is an imaginary comfort that bracelets youth with browsing activities and in return they build aspirations and expectations to love and to be adored or to be known famously by the society who obviously are not going to tolerate others real life responsibilities.  The elements identical to this phenomenon are fame, reassurance, egotism, psyche, so on and so forth.

The need to be adored, the desire to belong or fit into accumulation has been high for majority of youths. Social media platform offers today’s youth to make themselves public make public their thoughts and circumstances as if they alone are the centre of the universe. Not just the name, sex, age or marital status, but every tiny detail of their existence is there for the public and friends to see and read about. What they eat and drink, where they are and what they do, presented with a smile or a sense of pride, no matter how average they really are, they are advertised and expect the approval of others. We might sing or dance or paint or poop, we show off what we’ve got, without a shred of common sense. More and more we lose our perspective of what is appropriate, what is offensive, what is necessary or not.

Being on Social media weather Facebook, instagram, telegram, whatsapp, hike, Twitter or any other social media site to display pictures, paying much attention to followers and friends, making likes and comments makes them to feel happy and praised.

According to Rodin, nothing is waste of time if you stay with an experience and explanation wisely. However passing most of the time with social media and getting chronic to it, without caring for any other real work is reality of our majority of youth. They fall into the ambush at random in order to terminate their dullness and boredom. Their actions keep on destroying them while they feast their amusement. All such activities are just a way to disaster and nothing else.

For a less time, this happiness changes into a reality and gives a feeling  of pride, self-adorance, an impact, but at the end more they use it, more they get towards aberration and abnormality. However a very least number of youth think about its disastrous and disguised impact on them, on their goal.

Although the Social media platform provides some information of current affairs, general knowledge, latest news etc but in general, a mass of youth have forgotten the boundaries they cross that results in complete wastage of time turning to devastation.

In secondary words, self-indulgence actions on Social media have changed this real world into an imaginary ball as it gets a much attention than just a daily use basic work. I think social media have much negative impacts like:

It makes you to spend more and more money; It interferes with your ability to think independently.

Today’s socially active era has made people lazy. Instead of visiting your friends to discuss some issue, you simply message him or her. Instead of visiting markets to buy things, during which you could interact with different people and learn a bit, you simply order things on line.

Social media platform makes a hard punch on one’s self-esteem and confidence. It makes you to lose your sleep and rest, damages both eyes and brain and increases the levels of depression and anxiety.

Thus in one or the other way, the social networking sites are the main reasons that we lack passionate and emotional connections, lack of face to face conversations and much more guilty feelings.

To be absolute in words, it had become a worst and self-sabotaging practice for our youth as it keeps them completely away from their concerned education and keeps them away from achieving their goals mainly in adulthood.

Who will deny that much of youth spend a less of 8 to 10 hours on social media? This is the time, they must enjoy and focus on their education, enjoy nature and extracurricular activities as this age is the best time to get mental, physical, social, psychological, personal and programmed development.

Education stakeholders must develop the lessons in every class focussing on value of time and time related management skills with regard to achieving their goal of life. As well said, ‘Time is more costly than money.’

We should always remember Charles Darwin and his famous talk with his epigraph that one who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

By and large, it is a freakish chain that takes a toll on academic session of a student in many ways. It affects their language by writing shortcut texts, inadequate sentence writing habits.

The preoccupying attribute of social media pulls you from a calm pasture into jammed traffic like situation. Its impact on youth has reached to an extent that it has made them prisoners without being imprisoned. Moreover it takes a toll on our health and pushes us to isolation.

I want to allure all youth to try to fathom and assess the situation and emerge out of this state. Special efforts should be made at this depressing and discouraging stage. Parents, guardians, teachers and councillors are requested to come forward in order to address this problem very strongly.


  • The writer is a student of SSM college of Engineering and Technology and can be mailed at [email protected]

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