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Allah has sent down many books on his prophets for guidance to the mankind. Some of the famous books include TORAH, ANGEEL and ZABOOR and of all these ALLAHA almighty did not take the responsibility of protection. Many scholars and religious theologians believe that with the passage of time humans distorted these books and weaved false texts in order to entertain details of their choosing.

Quran, the divine book is the grandest miracle given to our beloved prophet (SAW) with which he breathed harmony, compassion and love of Allah into the hearts of hardened sons of Arabia, within short span of 23 years.

However, unlike the earlier revelation books, Allah, in the holy Quran promises to protect the divine word- The QURAN, from any measure of distortion. Allah says, in the Holy Quran that:

“ …Verily we have revealed this book and we are its protector”.

The evidence witnessed as this ‘HOLY BOOK ‘ was revealed to our beloved prophet (SAW) before 1400 years in the course of time at Makkah and Madina 610-632 C.E, a period of 22 years. The text is reserved one hundred percent till today and is preserved in the original form.

There are five rights of HOLY QURAN including complete faith in Quran, Recitation of Quran, To contemplate over its meaning which is having 02 steps.

The Quran which has been revealed for the guidance of all mankind and this message in Quran is very easy as narrated in Surah Qamar- “we have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember, then is there any that will receive admonition”.

The second step is to understand the holy Quran in its depth, which is not the work of everyone, and it is difficult and complex for those who are not ready to understand it so as to follow it as a complete prescription to spread its message.

The truth is that if these five laws of Quran are adopted then the system of the world will take no time to change, and to produce peaceful /fruitful results according to allegiance of almighty Allah.

For Muslims, the faith in Quran is only accomplished when the message of the Quran, as an obligation, is spread and imposed in every aspect of Muslim Communities. Muslims should spread this miraculous message among themselves through proper and compulsory programme as it was inherited by our beloved prophet (SAW peace and blessing upon him) to his companions, who further inherited to their followers / disciples in order to do justice with the this holy book.

The messenger of Allah, prophet Mohammad (SAW peace and blessing upon him), after getting the blessing of Quran from divine revelation of Almighty Allah taught his companions to set the programme of adopting this divine revelation in practicing state, and with the result by the compassion and generous effort permeated through the “Dawat programme” of our beloved prophet (SAW peace and blessing upon him), victory in every aspect prevailed over the whole world. In this divine revelation the almighty mentioned that: “It is he who has sent amongst the unlettered a messenger from among themselves to rehearse to them his signs to purify them and instruct them in the book and wisdom-all though they had been before in manifest error”.

The Commands of this holy Book should be couched in separate Madrasas with proficient Ulemas and prescribing its syllabus in educational institutions as a peremptory part, though its complete learning will come in practical application of the commandments. While making the Quran our day to day matter and pursuit of our life, this miracle of Allah almighty generates sense of wonder and opens our spiritual eyes. The miracle deepens and deepens and almost completely absorbs us into it.

For having faith in Quran, it is imperative and a foremost obligation upon Muslims to spread this divine message of Allah to different religious communities of the world who are in despair and deprived from this divined revelation. The guidance of the Quran provoked nonbeliever nations to self introspect and learn from it and generate enthusiasm and an eagerness to reach to the essence of it. Allah mentions in holy Quran that ‘verily the Quran guide to that which is most right or stable and give the glad tidings to the believers who perform deeds of righteousness, that they shall have a magnificent reward”.

The Quran is the general code, a religious, social, civil, commercial, military, judicial, criminal and political as well. It regulates everything from the ceremonies of religion to those of daily life, from the rights of all each individual, from the interests of man to those of society, from punishment here to that in the life to come and from the salvation of the soul to the health of the body.

The Quran commands harmony among humans and generosity towards animals as it also suggests punishment against the murderer, relief to the oppressed, protection of the defenseless, mercy to the orphans, prohibition of intoxication /adultery , equality of beggar and a king before the throne of almighty Allah.

All though the Quran is

the intercessor to believers who are adopting it in practical, our beloved prophet (SAW peace and blessing upon him) said that the group of people recite Quran according to its rules and complete phonetics, but they will not achieve a little bit of advantage of their recitation of Quran or their recitation will not be effective beyond their throats until and unless they will not practise it as it has been practised by our beloved prophet (SAW peace and blessing upon him).

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