Towseef Ahmad

Ideas On Human Values and Metaphysics

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There is a need for the reconception of the human values on theoretical lines. Human values are socially contingent and vary from place to place. Therefore mere machining processes will not help us; rather the same will mesh and rumble our cause without any actual value. Thence in this vein and in this context, show cannot go on because any encroachment against the rights of the people are detrimental to the system of institutions itself if it is without any justified cause. The impetus-based simulation techniques have to be fair and based on the ideal values of pragmatism. The terrain of language and thought is difficult unless we put our utilitarian efforts and be conscious of the things around us. These are not cross-purposes we have to scrutinize the things on the table.

We, therefore, should look towards the philosophy and movement of the things and pave way for the edifice-building of the phenomenal structures, around us. Thence we should redirect and reshape our potential and fight against the corruption and the corrupt policies. The death of postmodernism and the policies beyond indicate us that we should resort to the egalitarian values and theorems. It is an experimental novel that conventional and metamodernist ideas and views on metaphysics should be followed and adhered to in letter and spirit.

So, we must reinstate the fact that lot depends upon the philosophy of the ontology and the egalitarian cosmos around us. The point is that we cannot miss the idea and notion of the nanocosmos, parts of the larger cosmology. According to this point we have to question the sceptical nature of the truth, dignity and the nature itself. A self-sufficient ground for morality is that we have to understand the features, axiomatizations and characterizations of the social democracy. Thence egalitarianism is a philosophically warranted concept and we must attribute the goodness of the directive principles of the state policy to the meta-modern interests of the sovereign and his credentials.

The idea has in addition to that expressed according to the contemporaneous social developments so that more advances can be made in the social justice program and the action theory. The people should foster enlightened values in their inherent and innate dignity bestowed by the constitutional values. The sphere of the individual dignity has therefore to be protected and flourished through the modern forms of media and the metamodernist synthesis.



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