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Won’t allow any body rob state’s identity, integrity and plural ethos: NC

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Sagar, Nasir, Ramzaan address workers convention at TRC Kupwara

Kupwara, 07 July 2019: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Sunday said the party mirrors the aspirations of the people of the state, saying protecting the special position of the state crowns the agenda of the party programme.

Party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar while addressing a mammoth workers convention at TRC Kupwara said NC is the real representative of the genuine aspirations of the people of the state.

“Our party has historically protected the interests of the state. It was Sher e Kashmir who secured us our own state flag, our own constitution, our identity. However after his unconstitutional arrest what he had achieved was infringed upon by New Delhi through its local servile and henpecked henchmen.  The party has the legacy of service and sacrifice. The extensive incarceration of Sher e Kashmir for 18 years bears testimony to the fact as to how passionately our party feels for the identity of our state,” he said adding, “ The situation is no different today; the New Delhi is again employing the old devious methods to use its local henpecked henchmen to divide the powerful voice of Kashmir. Nonetheless Sher e Kashmir had already prophesized that New Delhi will prop up leaders in the every alley of Kashmir.  New Delhi’s sequential blunders in Kashmir leave little to the imagination as what it is up to. It is needless to say how quickly one man parties are propping up in every nook and corner of the state.”

Sagar while underscoring the need of restoring Pre 1953 status to the state said, “No sooner did Dr Farooq Abdullah led government presented the state autonomy committee report in the legislative assembly, New Delhi’s blood run cold. Needless to say they were bundle of nerves, when the autonomy resolution was passed by both the houses of state legislative assembly with majority.  It was Mufti Syed who in his interview to Indian Express cautioned New Delhi from keeping all the apples in the basket of National conference. In the due course of time PDP came into being. Sensing that National Conference might not budge on its take on restoration of Pre 1953 status, New Delhi employed propped up simulated political outfits to counter the National Conference.  The Trojan horses that were implanted and supported here in the state were told to use catchy slogans: Goli Say Nahi Boli Say,” adding that the situation was no different today.

“Today we see such agents hide their real disposition behind the fig leaf of “change” and “addressing the Aspirations”. Let us take a pledge that we won’t let such modern Bakshi’s and Sadiq’s rob the state of its identity, integrity and plural ethos.”

“The sole agenda of the forces as are inimical to our identity is to divide the powerful voice of Kashmiri.  In particular it is the Muslim identity that has traditionally been a scorn in their eyes.  Regrettably some local leaders who are on the wrong track are adding colors to the designs of such forces as are hell-bent to obliterate our identity. Nevertheless the way people rejected them in the Parliament elections speaks volumes about their political acumen. I take this opportunity to thank the you all once more for strengthening the hands of NC.  However there is no scope for complacency, we have to carry the momentum till assembly elections,” he said.

Addressing the worker’s convention provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani said the PDP had sought mandate of the people to keep BJP out. “But what followed was a colossal blunder. People will never forget how PDP berated and bartered their mandate. After PDP opened the flood gates for BJP into the state, what was left of our prized autonomy was also bartered. We lost our fiscal autonomy in the reign of PDP. It sacrificed the prized individuality of our state while ascending the altar of power,” he said.

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