Growing old gracefully!

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By: Dr.Shiben Krishen Raina

Fourteen June,2019 was the date of my Fifty Third marriage anniversary.We were married in Srinagar(Kashmir)way back in 1967 after having been engaged in 1965.Those days engagements would, perhaps, last longer.

We celebrated the Golden Jubilee of our marriage in Dubai with our son in 2017 who along with his family converted the entire celebration into a grand festivity. It was a great and emotive experience to be amongst our kids and grand kids. The occasion was rare and I started thinking in my mind: we the couples celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary certainly deserve to celebrate the occasion!

We have managed to survive a half century of life’s ups and downs together. Not many people make it, through. We have left a legacy that can’t be measured in terms of material possessions. We have given our kids the best of ourselves and made them aware enough to realize their duty towards their Mom and Dad. Spending half a century in love, togetherness, commitment and strength with one person, with small and pleasurable amount of hassles and bickerings, of course, is a wonderful experience and an unmatched gift of married life. No other gift can match this rare and invaluable gift. Thanks to all those who wished us well on Facebook and otherwise.

Dr.Shiben Krishen Raina is a writer, translator and Professor who is currently residing in Dubai.

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