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Rana invokes Dogra valour, calls for upholding human values

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Shaheedi Diwas of Mian Dido  observed

JAGTI NAGROTA JUNE 10- Invoking Dogra warrior Mian Dido’s spirit of love, compassion and inclusiveness, National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana on Monday said that the Duggarland has lived and practiced the high values of humanity during most testing times of the history, as also in the recent past.

“Being inheritors of a glorious ethos, bequeathed by warriors like Mian Dido, the land of Dogras have never deviated from the path of humanism despite provocations, and, in fact have kept the flag of amity high even during hostile conditions”, Rana said while paying tribute to the great Dogra warrior on his Shaheedi Diwas observance here this afternoon.

Rana paid floral tributes at the memorial of Mian Dido here at a function.

The Provincial President said the Dogra warriors have demonstrated their love for humanity, not only by words but deeds and actions. “Mian Dido fought for the cause of millions, irrespective of cast, creed and colour and the best way of remembering the warrior is to imbibe the spirit of his inclusiveness among younger generation”, Rana said while throwing light on the life and struggle of the great warrior. He said reverence for Mian Dido is still echoing in the folk songs sung in his remembrance by the indebted people. He said the land of warriors will never compromise with the identity and dignity for which Mian Dido waged a relentless war over two centuries ago.

“This day also reminds us of great Jammu heroes, who have struggled in their own way to carve out a place of honour for the selfless people of Jammu”, Rana said, urging the intelligentsia and opinion leaders to come forward and generate awareness about the towering spiritual figures like Mian Dido, who strived all his life for strengthening the bonds of communal amity and brotherhood.

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