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Denying permission to hold State Flag Day amounts to disrespecting Constitution: Er Rasheed

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Srinagar, May 07: Former legislator Er Rasheed on Friday said the withdrawal of permission for the State Flag Day by the authorities amounts to disrespecting the Constitution.

“For the first time in last eight years, State Flag could not be raised in the State capital Srinagar as administration withdrew the permission for the same,” said Rasheed in a statement.

Condemning the state government for withdrawing permission at the eleventh hour, to celebrate 8th state Flag Day, Rasheed said the sanctity and significance of State Flag will be protected at any cost and all conspiracies against the constitutional guarantees given to people of state must be respected by the central Government.

Rasheed asked the government to come clean and answer why it had to withdraw the permission at the last movement and thus disallowed an event which has been taken place since last seven years.

“By withdrawing the permission, administration has shown disrespect towards state flag and whosoever has done it should be booked for the shameful act.”

“The significance of 7th June cannot be down played as on this day in 1952 constituent assembly passed a resolution and gave state its own flag and State Song,” he said.

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