Meditate for Beauty

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By: Shahnaz Husain

Stress has become a constant part of our daily lives and is literally called “Beauty Burglar”. With high levels of stress, you are more prone to experience acne, wrinkles, dry skin and even hair loss.

Chronic stress and feeling overwhelmed can be deeply disruptive to your sleep cycle, digestive process, inflammatory response, and other delicately balanced internal systems that keep us happy and healthy. Anxiety, stress, and an overworked mind disrupt your sleep cycle preventing you from getting the “beauty sleep” that your body needs for proper regeneration. Nothing ages you faster than a lack of sleep.

While most modern day beauty solutions come in the form of potions, lotions and lasers marketed by multinational companies to en-cash your fear and emotions but   the best solution does not come in a bottle or tube.  There’s a lot more to skin care than potent face serums and anti-wrinkle creams. The meditation practices have been used across cultures for centuries to relieve stress and quiet the mind which does wonders for your appearance and mind.

Meditation is the best way to heal disease, defeat ageing and help you look you’re very best, including rejuvenating your skin to maximum beauty.

Over time, meditation helps you lose weight, get rid of stress and develop a more beautiful shape and complexion that exudes a fresh vitality that all long to capture. If you are thinking of natural skin care products or anti-aging skin care methods, here’s something you can do for FREE.

The health benefits of meditation are pretty incredible offering age-defying ability to rejuvenate and restore our skin to pristine perfection. Various scientific studies has shown that our thoughts and emotions affect our skin and body as well and  mindfulness practice can   calm and soothe your mental state, boost blood circulation, help you lose weight, radiate your skin.

Incorporating meditation techniques into your beauty and skin care routine can benefit the mind, body and skin. “These techniques improve your overall mood and slow down the aging process.

The latest research studies have revealed that stress, fear, and worry are   the root cause of most skin care issues and meditation is the best method of treatment. The meditation infuse energy to your body and delivers oxygen to body organs which rejuvenate your hair and  skin, help balance your body  and boost cell and tissue repair.   Regular Meditation practices  lower your blood pressure , provides  soothing and  relaxation, improve the quality of sleep which leads to beautiful and radiant skin  that glows naturally giving  your complexion a fresh and youthful  look .

Vedic meditation is also easy to work into your daily routine and is completely free in comparison to spa where you have to spend lot of money for rejuvenation and relaxation etc. You can practice mediation in any time. Stress is the greatest cause of free radicals in the body which cause cells to age faster.

Meditation is most powerful antioxidant for healthy skin which helps to regulate stress and cortical secretion and slow free radical production and premature aging.

When we meditate we bring our minds and bodies to enter a more relaxed state, “This will act to release chemicals that counter the “stress” chemicals and hormones. Deep breathing helps oxygenate our bodies and both the breathing and state of calm will help with toxin elimination. Besides Meditation, Yoga also stimulates blood flow, lymphatic flow and oxygenation throughout the entire body.

“Meditation also improves mental health besides external beauty. Recent scientific studies have noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved acne and less dark circles and bags under their eyes as well as a healthy glow to the skin from practicing regular meditation.

For beginners, it’s best to find a quiet place with no distractions and lie flat on their back. If there is any back or neck pain, props should be used to make the situation as comfortable as possible. When completely comfortable, close eyes and focus on the breath. Do not get too caught up in what should or should not be happening, just let everything sink.

Breathing helps. You do not need to adopt the yogic posture. You may sit in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and begin breathing, slowly and with ease. Allow your mind to follow your breathing as you inhale and exhale. Breathe in slowly and deeply and then breathe out slowly. Concentrate your mind on your breathing. This is simply done by just observing mentally the inhaling and exhaling of your breath. Do this 10 times and you will find that your mind has become calmer and your body is also more relaxed. You will notice that your mind and body have relaxed and you may even find that your mind is much quieter. Focusing your attention on your breathing has pushed all other thoughts away for a few minutes. This can lead on to meditation, which is basically concentration of thought. With eyes closed and continuing breathing in and out slowly and deeply, concentrate your thought on anything or anyone that you wish. For example, you can concentrate on any deity or “guru” of your choice. Or you can think of any aspect of nature, like the sun. You will find the mind wandering, but all you need to do is to bring it gently back to the object of your concentration. Day by day, you will find that your powers of concentration improve. Gradually, the mind gets trained to concentrate for longer periods. A day will come when your mind can concentrate effortlessly. It is then that the mind becomes a void, allowing the higher mind to enter and flow freely. Introspection and meditation help in looking inwards. And that is where you will find your inner beauty, inner peace and calm.

When you have practiced breathing and meditation for some time, you will probably find that your mind is much more alert and much clearer.  You seem to have more physical and mental energy. You will find that your dealings with people improve, as your perspectives change. You will find yourself in a state of calmness, regardless of the situations and circumstances of life and living. Indeed, meditation is the way to the real fountain of youth and is much more effective than all the beauty potions and cosmetic treatments to preserve youth. You will not only look younger, but actually feel the youth and vitality.

 The author is international fame beauty expert and is called Herbal Queen of India

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