Rumpy’s Adventures!

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BY: Seebah Arnaaz Qureshi

Whohoo! Cried a cheerful voice. I am so happy. Yes, it was Rumpy “Lalalalala…..” Rumpy was whistling. “Trin, Trin ,Trin” the phone buzzed.

Rumpy answered the phone. It was clown.

Rumpy “Hi! My friend, How are you clown, have you done all the preparation for our camping plan” said he.

Clown replied, “Oh Yah! Yah! What about your preparations. Have you completed it?”

He replied “I have almost done it”.

Clown replied, “Oh that wonderful! How much we’ll enjoy tomorrow. Yohooo! I am so excited for tomorrow. Should we leave at 9a.m.? Rumpy replied “Okkk…” (He was very excited about tomorrow). Ok! Meet you soon! Good Bye!! (He kept the phone down). It was a wonderful morning when Rumpy woke up with a wonderful smile on his face. He ate his breakfast, got ready and went to clown’s house.

Clown was waiting for Rumpy and they both went towards their camping spot. When they were going they say Whimp (who was very sad) Rumpy stopped his car and went to see Whimp and he was too sad. Rumpy asked him, “Why are you sad? What happened to you?

He said, “My father had promised me an outing, but today when I went to my father’s room he was leaving for his golf practice”.

Rumpy said, “Would you like to come with Whimp?

He replied yah! I would love to.

“Ok! So let’s go friend towards our goals” he (Rumpy) said.

But clown wanted to go with only Rumpy not Whimp. Clown was not happy to see Whimp.

“Whooh! It took a lot of time to reach her,but now he has reached to our camping spot. Come clown and Whimplet’s get started” said Rumpy.

Clown and Whimp started to go after Rumpy.

Rumpy saw a forest and Whimp insisted to go towards the forest and pulled Clown and Rumpyand started to run.

Clown was frustrated with Rumpy and Whimp so, he bites Whimp’s hand and ran towards the opposite direction. Rumpy went after Clown.

But Clown shouted, “I hate you Rumpy” leave me alone! Leave me” he said. Whimp said, “Leave him, he’ll come back very soon. Let’s have our lunch.

Rumpy was upset about Clown but he thought, “May be he’ll come back”.

Whimp and Rumpy did their lunch and went to find Clown. Clown was very angry with Whimp and Rumpy. He was muttering with himself. It was not expected from Rumpy. He leaved me and he will enjoy now his camping with Whimp. What kind of friend is he? He doesn’t respect my feelings. I hate him. What does he think about himself? I always help him if he is in any kind of problem but he is so mean. He didn’t even look at me and went with his new friendWhimp. He used me every time. Whenever I helped him, he is so bad. I hate him! I hate him! He shouted, I’ll never talk to him again. He was hungry as food was carried by Rumpy. He saw a light and followed that till night,he followed that light and he saw there wasn’t any light, it was a flame and he stopped. He saw an old man there with a bag and he was sleeping. He decided to sleep there and he thought that I’ll take help of this man. It was a wonderful morning but for only Whimp (as he always wanted to be friend of Rumpy).

Clown opened his eyes and saw a rabbit in that forest. He got fainted (clown was very afraid of tigers, bears, elephants and rabbits (especially rabbits). After sometime he saw that old man asked who you are. What are you doing here? Clown replied, “Oh hello!! My name is Clown. I am 10 years old and I am here because I have come with my friend, actually not friend my enemy from now onwards” who are you? Clown asked. My name is Robinson. I live here when I was 20 years old with my old friend Bruce. He learned me alone in this forest and now I don’t have any hope that I’ll go my home said that old man named Robinson. Clown saw a rabbit and he shouted Aaaaahhh “relax! Relax he’s my pet”. “YOUR – PET”but how???

Clown asked in a surprised manner. He said, “Listenboy I am alone here since 21 years and now these animals are my friends. From other side Humpy was very upset and was shouting loudly “CLOWN! WHERE IS YOU CLOWN? I AM SORRY CLOWN. PLEASE COME BACK. PLEASE CLOWN I REQUEST YOU PLEASE COME BACK.” Clown heard Rumpy’s voice but he ignored it “Hush!

What nonsense he’s talking about!” clown muttered with him Robinson told Clown, you should go with your friend. Don’t repeat those mistakes which I had made in the past. Clown took Robinson’s hand and ran towards. Rumpy I am sorry;Rumpy I shouldn’t have done that said Clown. Rumpy asked “I am happy that you’re back but who is this. Clown replied, “He’s my new friend from today Mr. Robinson. Robinson got very happy after listening this and they all went to their own homes and reached safely!

(Seebah Arnaaz Qureshi  is 6th grade student of GVEI)

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