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Islamia College organizes snow trekking programme

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SRINAGAR, May 07: Department of Physical Education, Islamia College, Srinagar organised a snow trekking programme to twin lakes of Gangbal and Nundkul, currently under snow and ice, here on Monday, last day before the start of the month of Ramadhan.

The trekking party of 9 students and 4 staff under the supervision of Dr. Altaf ur Rehman left the college at 5:30 am towards Naranag the base camp for the trek.

The on foot trek begun at 7:00 am from Naranag negotiating rough and steep Butshree mountain terrain together with clearing many snow accumulated traverses with the help of rope with extreme carefulness.

The party reached the Turundkul at 12:00 noon. After having lunch there the trekking party advanced towards famous Nundkul and Gangbal lakes walking over several feet of snow. It was the most difficult part of the trail to negotiate the way in absence of any visible trail leading to the lakes.

Fortunately, for the party the weather was extremely clear with no clouds in sight around, a rare sight near mount Harmukh, the second highest peak of more than 5400 mtr. hight.

The participating students were extremely excited to have a glimpse of ice and snow covered frozen lakes of Nundkul and Gangbal under mighty mount Harmukh with clean and clear view of the entire area. The Party started return trek to Naranag at 3: 30 pm with extreme care and reached the base at 8:15 pm. The party reached the college campus at 9: 30 pm safe and sound.

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