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Polling parties dispatched for all the 294 polling stations of Leh

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Leh, May 05: 172 polling parties along with Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) and Voter-verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines have been dispatched from Leh to their designated booths today under the supervision of District Election Officer (DEO) Leh, Avny Lavasa.

After taking stock of all preparations like issue and collection of polling material, security arrangements and transportation system, she gave a send off to the buses carrying polling parties for different destinations.

Polling staff for 122 polling stations has already been dispatched that include 8 cut off polling stations of Dipling, Skyumpatta,  Skyumpatta Gongma, Jingchen, Lingshet, Kartse, Nyaraks and Yulchung where the polling staff have been sent through helicopter well in advance.

Ladakh Parliamentary constituency will go to the poll on 6th of May 2019 under 5th phase of Lok Sabha elections.

DEO said that polling parties for all the 294 polling stations will reach today. She said that this time Leh district will have 49 such polling stations which have purely female polling staff.

Referring to the challenges in some specific area in terms of communication, connectivity, high altitude etc, Lavasa said that District Election Authority has taken every necessary measures such as working out  a better communication plan, provision of reserved EVMs and VV PATs,  issuing of extra batteries for machines and an improved transportation plan. Besides, all the polling officials have been imparted comprehensive hands on training about the operating and functioning procedures of EVM and VVPAT, she said. She also mentioned that every polling station across Leh district will have ample arrangement of Assured Minimum Facility for the overall convenience of the electorates.


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